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World’s Most Romantic Islands

World’s Most Romantic Islands

Jan 3, 2015

A honeymoon vacation is one of the most memorable and romantic thing you can have after your wedding. Choosing the right place to go for your honeymoon comes first. You have to choose a location that has intimate setting as well as privacy that is need for couples. This requires a lot of planning and research on the various romantic destinations around the world. To most couples, the most beautiful and amazing romantic setting is found on islands. Here are some of the most romantic islands for a perfect honeymoon holiday around the world.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini Island is one of the Greek islands that were formed from volcanic activity. This is one of the most popular places in Greece that is great for sentimental getaway. Couples can enjoy the magnificent view of the perfectly clear waters while on the edge of the volcanic mountain. The island is also famous for its unbelievable dusks and even its fascinating history. The profound blue ocean, cosmopolitan air, amazing volcanic scene and the fountain of liquid magma all add up to a beautiful romantic setting. (image by: David Sasaki)

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Kauai in Hawaii

Among the Hawaii Group of islands, this is the fourth biggest and is also regarded as the Garden Isle. The island is popular with extravagant resorts suited for couples. It is also known for fine feasting and even spa medications making it your dreams honeymoon destination. Couples can also explore the sprawling and lavish enclosure in the island as they kayak in the Wailua or Wailuku River.

Bora Bora Island

The Bora Bora Island is a perfect destination for lovers with a dream of spending their honey moon in overwater cabins that sits above the crystal clear water. There are numerous extravagant spas and resorts around the island that offer this great experience of overwater homes. There are also those that feature fabled ambiance as well as thatched top villas. This is one of the worlds most sentimental island that besides the overwater homes comfort, it also has memorable landscape.

Bali Island

Bali Island is very popular with couples especially due to its desolate volcanic slopes, sandy beaches on rough coastlines, rich rice patios and even the shifted mountains and rises. The Bali Island is found in Indonesia and is also well known for its intriguing society, Glorious trinkets, stunning views as well as beautiful sunny shores. It is also a perfect destination for those couples that love spas.

Fiji Islands

The Fiji Islands incorporate 332 islands that stand out as some of the world’s most amicable islands. The islands are popular world wide for perfect regular environment, white sandy shores and delicate coral swooping. Fiji has delightful warm atmosphere where couples come to enjoy the amazing loose island air and the beautiful beaches. (image by: Bernd Schoenberger)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Fiji Islands World’s Most Romantic Islands

St Lucia in the Caribbean

This is one of the most interesting islands in the Caribbean especially due to its assorted society and fluctuated scene. The island is also famous for fine dining that is recognized by Indians, British, African, French and even Spanish. Romantic couples also enjoy the unblemished shore of white sand besides the social celebrations and music culture in the island.

Other popular islands that are known to be great romantic destinations for couples include the Seychelles islands, Maldives, Vieques in Puerto Rico as well as the Bermuda Island.


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Feature image by : Bob & Nadia Taylor