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Why I Love Culture-Combined In Mexico?

Why I Love Culture-Combined In Mexico?

Sep 27, 2014

Mexico is where one can find the traditional Mexican culture combined with the elements of North American and Spanish perfectly. I love this country because it’s one of the most vibrant and colorful countries I have ever visited. The addition of Mexico into my travel itinerary never make me regret my decision. From the seediness of Tijuana, the lively nightclubs in Cancun, Mayan ruins and even the rainforests filled with howler monkeys and parrots, Mexico is not just culture-combined but beyond that. Let’s take a look at the costs of traveling there then.

Cost of Accommodation

Mexico is pretty popular among tourists. It’s not a surprise to find most of the hostels in the city can be around USD15 per night, but in smaller cities, the rate can be as low as USD10 for each night. If you’re looking for budget hotels in Mexico, expect to pay for about USD60 per night. This is for a double-occupancy room. If you manage to find some homestays or couchsurfing opportunities, that would be better. It means you’ll be saving more on your budget. Although Mexico is relatively cheap in term of budgeting. (image by :University of Nottingham )

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Cost of Mexican Food

I love Mexican food. It’s the second thing I love after Chinese, I suppose. Besides, eating out in Mexico is very affordable with local markets and street vendors everywhere. I spent only about USD15 per day when I bought food from these food-dealers. Sometimes I would be spending lesser than that. But if you’re heading to some of the tourist areas with nice sit-down restaurants, the cost for food is about USD25 per meal. The best part about Mexico is I could get cheap bad-ass tequila for only USD15!

Cost of Transportation and Activities

For longer journeys by buses, the fares for tickets vary according to the distance and popularity of the destination and route taken. I paid USD30 for a ride from 5.5 hour journey from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara. In most major cities, the taxi will charge starting from USD1 per ride. As for the activities in Mexico, diving is probably the most expensive activity in Mexico. The cost of a day-trip had cost me over USD130. I swear, I won’t do diving in Mexico again, unless I really want to. Apart from that, you can visit most of the Mayan ruins in Mexico for only about USD10. I would also recommend for you to travel during off-season if you want to save on budget, especially between late of April and early of December. These months have the best bargain deals of travel rates, food and accommodation. (image by : sfgamchick)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Cost of Transportation and Activities  Why I Love Culture-Combined In Mexico

With around 26 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico, I must say that the country is simply amazing and impressive. Mexico has a lot of things to offer to the visitors. Some of the tips I can give include wandering through the Chapultepec Park, explore the Zocalo or, if you’re visiting around November, join the yearly festival of honoring the “Day of The Dead” then! Everyday in Mexico was a new experience to me. From the friendly local to the good food, I loved spending weeks there and I can’t wait to come back real soon.


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Feature image by : Josep Mª Borrat