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Why Holiday in Mauritius is great for your Family

Why Holiday in Mauritius is great for your Family

Jan 15, 2014

Mauritius is considered to be one of the best family hangouts that Africa boosts of. It is endowed with numerous features which are in peaceful environment that will please travelers of all ages. Mauritius is an island that remains a dream come true to many travelers due to the fact that the weather is favorable and the features available are apt for travelers of all ages. Nights are always lively, several eco-adventure playgrounds will leave you amused while the several interesting museums will give you a handful of stunning history of this place. Among all holiday options, Mauritius all-inclusive holiday is a great choice, but the magnificent possibilities will create a difficult choice on which place to go. This should not scare you at all, in case you want an unforgettable experience with your family here are some of the reasons as to why Mauritius remains to be the best destination for family holidays. Check it out!!

Casela Nature

Like any other travel, your first family traveling spot should be very attractive and addictive. This is actually the best way to start off your travel and you will surely get the real definition of beauty. The star attraction at this cool place is the colorful rare birds surrounded by a pride of huge lions which are within Yemen estate. The savannah style landscape may have inspire the African animals including the elephants and zebras which seem to freely stroll around in a mind-your-own-business solitude giving children clear views of these rare animals. In the leisure park, the familycan have the chance to spend the time together as they are served with the best mouthwatering African cuisines.(Image by melinda_cruising1)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Casela Nature Holiday in Mauritius is great for your Family

Black River Gorges National Park

That’s not all, this park is enough to grace your moments as you enjoy your family travel as travelers are given the chancehave clear views of the elegant Paille en Queue which fly over the canopy in the nearby forested hills. Children can be taken through short mountain hikes and also enjoy swimming besides the crater lake of Grand Basin which is also sacred to the Mauritanian Hindus. The atmosphere here is always pleasing and the children here are entertained all through way by activities such as quad biking, amateur scuba diving amongst others. It is actually the best place to be.

Port Louis

Making a travel to Mauritania without visiting this little paradise you will never get the modern aspect of this island. It is place where travelers of all ages can find pleasure in, be it a day long shopping or enjoying the best dishes in a nearby top class restaurant, everything in this place is just awesome. Many may opt to only shop in this region, but that’s not all, the city is soaked in cultural history which is portrayed by numerous museums in the region with the main one being the Blue Penny Museum. It is in these places that will see the ancient dodo skeleton. Alternatively, get a sense of the religion in Mauritania by gazing over churches, mosques, Chinese and Indian temples from the great citadel.(Image by Ranulf 1214)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Port Louis Holiday in Mauritius is great for your Family

The experience in Mauritania can never be explained in words. The people around are friendly and the environs are always pleasing hence making a family visit to this place a wonderful one. Don’t miss the pleasure here, a family vacation will just be the beginning.

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