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Where Will You Go in Valentine Day?

Where Will You Go in Valentine Day?

Jan 6, 2014

Valentine day is reckoning, the question lingering in most people’s mind is where they will go on that material day. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day in the calendar; it’s a day for all irrespective of your marital status, whether taken or single as there is always a special someone whom you love. If you have no idea of where to take you valentine in 2014, this article is just for you, check out 2014 best and most trending places that you thought to take your love.


Winter ski chalet

Consider getting to the beautiful and picturesque French Alps or to the foothills of the marvelous Swiss Mountains and have some romantic moments while snuggling up in a lavish chalet that’s in front of a roaring fire. You will definitely have some very romantic moments, perhaps better than those of your honeymoon all in one day. You may consider trying St Moritz which is a well renowned Swiss resort. The resort has some of the most beautiful private chalets the world has to offer. You will also enjoy spa treatments, vibrant nightlife, top class dining and watching the beautiful sceneries around the Swiss mountains.


Bahamas, located off Florida coast is home to more than 700 islands which all feature some lavish and very exotic get-away. Its spectacular white sandy beaches blended with crystal clear waters make these islands an awe-inspiring paradise that’s a must visit. Get to one of the beach bars and dine as you watching the sun sinking romantically slowly over the fine looking waters. Bahamas islands are some of the coolest noise free tropical destinations which feature numerous little private guest houses as well as family run hotels which you can beyond doubt relax kickback and unwind in.(image by Salvatore Serafino).

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Venice is world known as a very romantic city that has striking architectures in the unusual water logged streets which have really kept lovers coming back year after year. In Venice you can dine in one of the well kempt street side cafes, get to the main square where you can listen and watch various street performances and if you get moved join and dance to their tunes. You can also take the romantic and scenic gondola ride which will get you round the beautiful waterways as well as the city.

Gold coast in Australia

Gold coast has been converted to one of Australia’s most prime destination. It’s characterized by the pristine and amazing golden beaches, beautiful sunshine and striking blue pacific waters. Get to Goldcoast and take a trip with your love to one of the nearby theme park or subtropical forest. From there you can get back to the city and enjoy the amazing cuisines they offer as well as the vibrant and exciting nightlife. You can also consider to spend the day surfing at Kirra point or get to the casino, shopping arcades, theaters or even the golf courses. You will have a lot of fun in one day.(image by Gary Hayes).

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The city of London is itself a perfect place to be this valentine, you will get the options to choose nice places which offer convenient and reliable accommodation services, a good example is Heathrow Hotel and Parking Hotel which offers a wide range of hotel options which you can pick from. The heart of London is few minutes away and here you can dine and enjoy in the gorgeous London’s nightlife. They also have airport parking facilities within the hotels making it to be a prime airport hotel. It will even be romantic spending your valentine in an airport hotel, very few people actually know of such romantic opportunities, be among the few.

You might also consider other places that you can take your loved one, these are the top best places to get to in 2014, you valentine’s day will be full of memorable and cherished moments, make it unique and have it in style.


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Feature image by Jiya Aggarwa