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What You Should Never Do On a Cruise Ship

What You Should Never Do On a Cruise Ship

Jun 29, 2014

Enjoying a holiday on a cruise ship is relaxing and fun – and you are mostly free to do whatever you like. Whether you want to lounge by the pool all day soaking up the sunshine, stuff yourself at the buffet, go shopping or enjoy the ship’s entertainment – the choice is up to you.

However, when you are on a cruise ship there is a certain level of etiquette that you must abide by and there are some things that you just should not do. Most of it is common sense, but here are some of the things that you should not do on a cruise ship (which might even get you kicked off):

Fail to Attend the Muster Drill

At the beginning of every cruise, there is a mandatory orientation that will teach you about the safety features of the ship and the emergency procedures. You must attend this drill, or you could risk being kicked off the ship. It might seem boring, but the information is very important and could possibly save your life in a worst case scenario.

Bring Drugs or Other Illegal Substances On Board

Unless you want to spend your holiday in a foreign prison, don’t be so foolish as to bring drugs or illegal substances with you on your cruise. If you are smuggling drugs and weapons on the ship and you are caught, you will be sent straight to the local police station. You will then need to pay money for bail and your flight home.
Also, when you are going through the pre-embarkation security screening you should not refuse to be screened. If you don’t comply with the security officers on board the ship, they don’t have to let you board the cruise.

Dress Inappropriately for the Occasion

Many cruise ships will have dress codes, which are different for casual daytime dining and formal evening dining. It is important to be aware of these dress codes, so that you are wearing something that fits. If you wander into the formal dining room in the evening while wearing shorts and a t-shirt, you will probably get a lot of dirty looks and you might even be refused service. Make sure that you bring enough formal wear so that you can be appropriately dressed for all occasions on the ship.

Forget to Wear Sunscreen

Lounging in the sun is relaxing, but don’t forget to protect your skin with some sunscreen. The sun at sea is much stronger than you realise and you can get burned very quickly. This will ruin the rest of your trip, make your skin look terrible and cause you a lot of pain and discomfort.

Get in Fights with Other Passengers

You can’t guarantee that you will get along with everyone you meet on a cruise ship and sometimes people just rub you the wrong way. However, try your very best to be calm and civil and avoid starting a fight. Swearing, shouting and physical violence can get you kicked off the cruise ship and can really put a damper on your fun vacation.

For example, recently an elderly couple in their 80s were kicked off the cruise ship the “Queen Mary 2” for getting involved in a screaming fight with another passenger. Gloria Sher and her husband Frederick Evans had gotten into an argument with another passenger, who had said that “there are too many Jews on board”. She laced into the man for his horrible racist remark, but was kicked off the ship due to her behaviour. In a formal cruise ship environment, even if someone says something that really offends you, it is important to keep your cool and reply to them in a calm manner. Also, avoid excessive drinking if you know that it makes you angry and violent. On the cruise ship “The Temptress” there was a knife fight at around 4am between drunken passengers fighting over a girl and five men were wounded.

Try to book a cruise where the passengers are likely to be of similar age and have similar interests. Sites like Cruise Sale Finder deals also have social media pages where you can check out reviews and passenger comments on certain destinations.

These are just a few of the things that you should never do on a cruise ship once you have found your perfect holiday. Most of them are common sense, but make sure that you avoid them so that you don’t get into any trouble while enjoying your holiday at sea.

Ryan Posa has been passionate about travel ever since he worked for Carnival Australia as a District Sales Manager. He now runs Cruises Online as the General Manager and he loves to blog about interesting destinations all over the world. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

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