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What To Do In Aqaba, Jordan?

What To Do In Aqaba, Jordan?

May 20, 2015

The vast majority head to Aqaba in Jordan to make a go at swooping and snorkeling in the Red Sea. Keeping in mind that is cool, I came here to relax, do a bit of online work and see the city itself. Here are 5 things you can do in Aqaba on the off chance that you would prefer not to set out for some swooping or snorkeling so I worked my route through them.(Image by Colin)

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Early Islamic Ayla (The Lost City)

Right in the downtown area of Aqaba are the remnants of an old city. Known as Early Islamic Ayla, these remnants are simply a little indication of a city that was once here. While its only a little zone with a couple of block establishment remains, it will keep archeologists upbeat and as its allowed to see, hikers can tick off an alternate “lost city”.

Nightfall At Red Sea

I used two nights in Aqaba and we stayed at the Al Shula Hotel on Raghadan Street. We requested a twofold room with an overhang perspective and this was completely astonishing for viewing the nightfall over the Red Sea. We used one night viewing the nightfall on the inn gallery.

Going by Al Hussein Bin Ali Mosque

Being Jordan, and being the Middle East, Mosques are all over and in all honesty, you never get exhausted of them. They all appear to emerge and be central focuses in towns. I seen a heap of the Mosques in Aqaba however will say the Al Hussein Bin Ali Mosque, as it is by all accounts the greatest and most champion Mosque in the city.

Aqaba Castle

Yes, this old city which sits pleasantly on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba likewise has a stronghold! While its as of now being redesigned prepared for an opening to visitors, you can at present look into it from the outside and walk your path round. The stronghold goes again to the times of the Crusaders and the thirteenth Century. Lawrence of Arabia clearly rode from here to Egypt to publish triumph in a war in 1916 where the Turks were removed.

Border of 5 nations

Where else on the planet would you be able to be in a city which, fundamentally outskirts five different nations inside a 20 kilometer range? I can’t consider a lot of people, while I got up to three in Argentina a couple of years back, Aqaba has the refinement of sitting on the fringe to either 3 or 4 different nations, contingent upon your political outlook. From the Gulf of Aqaba you can see Egypt. Aqaba in Jordan has an area outskirt with Eliat in Israel. Both urban areas are inverse one another over the Gulf of Aqaba. The biggest nation in there Middle East is Saudi Arabia and it sits near the outskirt to Aqaba at a spot called Ad Durra. Contingent upon your political point of view, you may not perceive Israel as an issue. In the event that this is thus, then Palestine is exceptionally reachable from Eliat.(Image by amani)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Durra What To Do In Aqaba, Jordan

So there you have it 5 things you can do while in Aqaba, Jordan. Make sure you do all of these apart from diving and snorkeling.


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Feature image by Colin