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What Makes a Holiday to Cuba so Special

What Makes a Holiday to Cuba so Special

Apr 10, 2014

Cuba is one of the regions in the world that boosts of having numerous stunning features that will grace your moments as you enjoy with your family in a pleasing environment that you will live to remember. If you are looking for an outdoor family travel, planning a holiday to Cuba has all the pleasure that guarantees immeasurable fun with your family in a pleasing atmosphere. It is in this region that tourists flock in their hordes every year to enjoy in this Caribbean Paradise which is soaked up in rich cultural history and decorated by numerous world class beaches which promises an exemplary experience. As if that is not enough, Cuba is the place that guarantees security and fun as you spend your family vacation in this little heaven. Although there are numerous tourist attraction sites in this beautiful country, your family holiday to this wonderland can never be special without visiting these places.

Playa Paraiso Beach

As the name suggest, this little paradise is extraordinary in every way, from the stunning landscapes beyond to the pleasant looking umbrella palm shade, this is the right way to begin your vacation with your family. The fluffy white sand surrounded by crystal clear sea water provides all the water sporting activities that will turn on your children all through way. The beaches are sheltered and the waters are shallow and calm making it easier to conquer your way through the waters in warm deep perfect blue atmosphere. The hotels and restaurants are rewarding and the prices affordable, making your family travel to this place a great success. Don’t miss out!(Image by SBA73)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Playa Paraiso Beach Makes a Holiday to Cuba so Special

Zapata Peninsula

This is one of the most pleasing family vacation hotspots whose eye catching features has made Thailand gain global recognition as far as beauty is concerned. That’s not all, this is a huge biosphere reserve covered in swampland and forests which hold a great diversity of unique wildlife that will keep you entertained in the spine chilling atmosphere. The coast of Zapata Peninsula is lined with numerous beaches and coral reefs that promote scuba diving and other water sport activities. The children have the chance to view wild animals of their own choice and even take horse and camel rides in this amazing place.

The Modern City, Havana

This is the best way to break the monotony of beach life, and the experience in this popular colorful metropolis is never disappointing. It’s a place that will keep you dazzled due to its amazing artistically designed structures ranging from the magnificent museums to its architecturally significant districts full of Beaux Arts as well as Modernist mansions that are enough to blow your mind. If you want modern shopping for family, this is the right place to be. This place will never disappoint you, make it your must visit place and you will get the real feeling.

Valle de Vinales

This is the best way to end your family vacation, since it gives a complete summary of the country’s charming beauty that you will always remember. Vinales is a beautiful nature area which can be accessed through horse rides at affordable prices. The views from the hotels down the valley are always stunning, and enjoying sweet delicacies in such an environment is just awesome. The experience here is unexplainable, visit and you will enjoy!(Image by Colin)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Valle de Vinales Makes a Holiday to Cuba so Special
This is the best way to portray how special your family vacation can be while visiting this tourism hotspot. Explore and you will get to enjoy more!


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