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Want to Go Malaysia .? Check How to Get Visa For Malaysia & visa fee

Want to Go Malaysia .? Check How to Get Visa For Malaysia & visa fee

Feb 9, 2014

From tourism, education and business, you always have a reason to visit Malaysia. Just like visiting any other country, you must obtain a visa for Malaysia if you visualize exploring its awesome tourist attractions especially in the southern region. The visa application procedure is a piece of cake as long as you have met all the requirements. You can apply online (for citizens of India and China only) or at the Malaysian High Commission in your country. The visa application procedure varies slightly from country to country, with citizens of some countries requiring the visa subject to some conditions and other not requiring the visa at all ( Australian passport holders, for example). Let us take a sneak peak of the entire visa application process.

Application for a Malaysian visa without reference.
In this case, the High Commission of Malaysia oversees the entire process. It normally applies to people visiting Malaysia for social reasons. One is required to submit the original passport and two photocopies, two photocopies of the form IMM.47 (visa application form) and two passport-sized photographs. You also need to have the original and two photocopies of the ticket, bank statement or the traveler’s cheque and the invitation letter where necessary. Obviously, you need to make visa payment in full.

Application for a Malaysian visa with reference
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A visa application with reference is similar to the application process without reference, the difference being the authority that approves the application. While the High Commission of Malaysia approves the without reference applications, the Department of Immigration of Malaysia approves the with reference applications. For this reason, with reference applications must be accompanied with a letter of approval from the Immigration Department of Malaysia or other authority agencies in addition to the documents discussed under the without reference application.(image by Jeremy Shih).

The visa application form.

The Form IMM.47 is downloadable for the official Malaysia government portal. One is required to fill in his/her particulars, the particulars of the travel document, particulars of the sponsor concerned and the nitty-gritty of the application in terms of duration and the purpose of travel. Two copies of the duly signed application form are submitted to the relevant visa application authorities alongside the other requirements.

Visa fees

The fees for the visa application vary depending on whether you are applying for the Single/multiple entry visa or the transit visa. Generally, the fees do not break the bank, with citizens of most countries required to pay about 20RM for either of the visas. However, there is a slight variation of the fees from country to country, with citizens of some countries (Ecuador, for example) paying as little as 0.50 RM for the transit visa. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China are required to pay 30 RM for either of the visas. The payments made are usually reflected in the payment form which is available in Malay and other languages.

All said and done, Malaysia is one of the best vacationing destinations in the world. To add color to the already good package, the visa application procedure is easy and fast, taking only seven business days at the maximum. However, it is worth noting that the information contained in this article is subject to change, as the Malaysian government reserves the right to make changes regarding the application of visas. Everyone interested in visiting Malaysia is required to consult the nearest Malaysian Representative Office Abroad to avoid a “square peg in a round hole” situation.


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