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Traveling Around London with a Young Family

Traveling Around London with a Young Family

May 12, 2015

We all know how difficult it can be traveling around a major city with a young family especially if you’ve never been to that city before. And there aren’t many cities in the world that are as daunting as London.

During the summer months of July-September, the city welcomed a record breaking 4.9 million visitors to the city in 2014 according to the Standard. So, it’s imperative that you research thoroughly all the different transport options that are available to navigate the city efficiently. With that in mind, here is some vital information for newbie travelers of the city.

London buses

For the experience factor alone, the iconic London buses are an experience that you cannot miss out on. They are also relatively cheap and will afford you the option of seeing major landmarks en route to your destination. Day tickets can be purchased which you will also be able to use on the underground.

For the more adventurous there is a myriad of different London bus tours available to people visiting the city as well, that are ideal for families.

The London Underground

Probably the easiest way to navigate London, the underground is extremely efficient when you are traveling during off-peak hours. However, this transport option should be avoided when traveling with a young family during rush hour purely due to sheer number of people trying to get to and from work during this period.

To avoid rush hour or any other issues when using the underground, London Pass made this interesting list of things to consider.

The London Underground

Hire Cars

You can pick up hire cars up from both Heathrow and Gatwick airports. And it has proven to be a popular form of transportation for many new families visiting London and other parts of England. The best thing about this form of travel is that you can then return the vehicle back to the airport before your departing flight.

Parking4less states that when you return your hire car at the end of your trip, “you simply park at the reception check-in and hop on a shuttle bus which will take you to your respective terminal.” This is an extremely efficient service that means you don’t have to get a bus or a taxi to the airport. It also lessens the hassle of families having to carry their luggage on public transport.

Black cabs

London’s costliest form of transport is one to avoid unless you have the financial means to afford such luxury travel. Cabs in London are renowned for being some of the costliest in the world as reported by the Telegraph, so try and only use this if you really have to. Also, there’s the prospect of getting caught in traffic due to London have some of the busiest roads in the world especially during the aforementioned rush hour periods.

london Black cabs



Although not always practical, walking from attraction-to-attraction in London is a great way to immerse yourself and your family in British culture. If you do plan to walk to the majority of places, it’s best to allot certain destinations to particular days, therefore you will be able to visit a variety of museums, parks, theatres all in one area of London.


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