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Top Things to Do in Vietnam

Top Things to Do in Vietnam

Dec 31, 2014

Vietnam attracts many tourists mainly due to its wonderful natural beauty. There are numerous interesting places in Vietnam where you can visit, from the Mekong Delta’s fascinating bustle in the south to the fields of green rice in the north of Vietnam. The country is also popular for its rich ancient tradition and long history. There are numerous old temples and historic attractions leaving tourists with countless options of places they should visit. However, some of the top things you should do while in Vietnam include:

Exploring Halong Bay

The Halong bay is literally translated as the Bay of the Descending Dragon and its 160 km long coastline is located in North Vietnam. The bay is one of the Vietnam’s top tourist attractions that is popular with its thousands of islands. The islands create a stunning seascape of limestone pillars with each of them topped with a vegetation of thick jungle. Most of these islands have caves and others have villages of native fishermen. Tourists cruise around the Halong Bay as they enjoy the spectacular view of this world heritage site.  (image by : Gia Cat Luong)

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Cruise in Mekong Delta

The Mekong delta is located in the south of Vietnam where the Mekong River enters the sea. The region around the Mekong delta is known to be a lush and rich area that is covered with green rice fields. This region produces almost a half of the total agricultural output of Vietnam. Most of the activities around the Mekong delta region revolve around the river, with most of the villages being accessed by river instead of roads.

Explore Hanoi’s Vibrant Streets

Hanoi city is very popular for its wide and beautiful roads that are lined with striking colonial buildings especially around the French quarter. The city also has vibrant streets of the old quarter and even tranquil lakes. Motorbikes crowd the streets of the city and you can here them buzzing from any point or location in Hanoi. There are numerous interesting restaurant and bars where visitors can enjoy the world cheapest beer, bia hoi, that cost only 16 cents a glass.

Visit Cu Chi Tunnels

These tunnels are located about 40 km northwest of the Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon. The Cu Chi tunnels consist of underground tunnels that are connected in an immense network. The tunnels were previously used as hiding spot by the Viet Cong guerrillas, during the Vietnam War. In 1968, these tunnels were also used by the Tet Offensive as their operations base. Today, these tunnels have become a popular tourist’s attraction where tourists are allowed to crawl in the tunnel system at the safer parts. (image by : Matt Martin) Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Visit Cu Chi Tunnels Top Things to Do in Vietnam
Explore the Muine and Nhatrang beaches

The Muine beach is located close to a fishing village known as Mui Ne and was previously inhabited by very few people. However, the beach has today been transformed to a popular destination especially due to its strong sea breezes. This is an ideal place for windsurfing as well as kite surfing. A short distance to the north, tourist also visit the vast sandy expanse that has sand dunes and great panoramic views. The NhaTrang beach is also popular for its year round sunshine, sparkling bay and lively nightlife.

Vietnam is a diverse country where you can never run out fun and interesting thing to do. These are just a few of them and you can get more from tour operators and Vietnams travel advisories.


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Feature image by : Marcin Baranowski