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Top Outdoor Activities in Qatar

Top Outdoor Activities in Qatar

Jan 9, 2015

Whether you are visiting Qatar for the first time, working or even living there, there are various outdoor activities that you can enjoy. These activities range from sailing and desert trips and camping to swimming and diving on the warm beaches of the Qatar coastline. Some of the top activities that are full of fun as well as adventurous places include:

  1. Parks

There are numerous well maintained parks in Qatar that are great spots for having family picnics, family gathering as well as strolling and running. Some of the most popular parks include Sheraton park, Museum of Islamic Art Park, Aspire Park, Al Rumaila Park and Dahl Al Hammam Park. Most of these parks targets families, offering great relaxation experience to both kids and adults.(Image by Osarieme Eweka)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Rumaila Park Top outdoor activities in Qatar

  1. Kayaking

This is a popular activity organized in Qatar especially common in Al Thakhira through the mangrove plantations. Visitors get to enjoy paddling through the mangroves in full moon or even explore in a dhow ride as they learn more of the pearling and fishing cultures of Qatar. Another interesting activity common in Qatar is snorkeling which is mainly done in Fuwairit.

  1. Desert trips and camping

For those after more adventure in a more challenging terrain in Qatar, the desert is the top place to visit. There are numerous activities that can be enjoyed while in the deserts. One of them includes a popular sport especially with the Qataris and the expatriate known as dune bashing. For the sport, visitors usually use SUVs or even Toyota Land Cruiser. Another desert activity is renting a dune buggy especially in Sealine Beach resort.

  1. Beaches

Qatar is surrounded by water on all its sides. This has given the country many beautiful beaches stretching along its coastline. They offer a variety of lovely places that attracts many tourists from all over the world. Some of the most popular beaches include Fuwairit Beach, Zekreet Beach, Al Ghariya Beach, Mesaieed Beach located near the Sealine Beach resort and even Dukhan Beach.

  1. Cruises and boat/dhow riding

The dhow is very familiar with people living and working in Qatar. The dhow was used traditionally in fishing and is currently a popular activity with many dhows being anchored along the Corniche. The Diplomatic Club also offers visitors great experience as they offer BBQ Donuts rides around the West Bay.

  1. Rock climbing

This is an adventurous sport especially for those seeking the adrenaline rush experience. Serious rock climbers are offered a variety of options in Qatar with the various locations having different rock formation of different sizes. Zekreet, located in the western Qatar is most popular with rock climbers while Musfer Sinkhole is poplar with those mainly interested in bouldering.(Image by alejandroruiz)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Rock climbing Top outdoor activities in Qatar

  1. Diving

Since Qatar is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three of its sides, diving has become a natural choice for people living along the coastline. This has also attracted many visitors who come to enjoy diving as well as other water sports. Centers for scuba diving have been developed to offer lesson to people at all levels.

Qatar is rich in fun activities that everyone should visit and have a taste of the paradise. You should consider visiting some of these areas around the country together with your family next time you are planning an outdoor activity or holiday.


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