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Top 7 Things To Do in Maui for your Family

Top 7 Things To Do in Maui for your Family

Apr 10, 2015

It is an open secret that holidays are really thrilling. One way of enjoying them in Hawaii is visiting Maui. You can be far from home but vacation rentals are available for you like unreal private Maui vacation rentals right on the beach. Private vacation rentals are great for your family holiday and they will make your wonderful holiday memorable. It is from here that you can get access to the following for your kids:

1- Driving the Hana Highway

The windiest road probably in the entire Hawaii and America is the 68-miles stretch from Kalahui to Hana. It is not only the winding that is wonderful; see several deserted beaches on your way and the jungle and a few villages for the reception of entirety of fun for you and your kids.

2- Photo sessions and art galleries visit

Family members and kids particularly like taking photos. It is one way of making such holiday experiences like the Maui tours memorable. Taking sunset photos with the people you love is worth your dime. There are several art galleries in Maui-talk of the Lahaina, Makawao and Hana. You shall get both local and international artists conveniently and whatever you find good for your kids can be shipped home by the artists.

Maui art galleries Lahita

3- Visiting the Maui Ocean Center 

Everyone loves aquarium and you kids probably do. Watching 300 species of marine life is all possible in the Ocean Center. Get the kids to see touch tanks and your family holiday will be memorable.

4- Exploring by helicopter

Some of the areas in Maui are inaccessible in other ways except by helicopter. It is through this that he kids can see the Haleakala Crater and the towering waterfalls like the Molokai that are hidden. The flights will enable the kids see the beautiful spots from the clouds.

5- Learning how to surf

If you never tried to surf then watching someone do it in Maui will serve a great supplement to your lessons. It is a place of warm baby sized waves that ease your learning. You can also try it yourself and you can teach the kids too. It will be a lot of fun.

Maui surf

6- Whale watching 

Want an awesome thing to do in Maui? Want an unforgettable experience near the sea that doesn’t require scuba diving? Whale watching! If you have a holiday in the winter and you want to make most out of it for your kids then watch the whales. It is during this time that they come to Maui to mate, give birth to their young ones, and it is life-changing watching this with your kids. So get your family inspired by this gift of nature.

 7- Watching the sunrise at Heleakala

Ecstasy is beyond the sunset because before you enjoy the sunset there is sunrise. The Heleakala shield volcano is an awesome place to look at when the sun is going up. Try it from the Kaanapali beach and your kids will never stop mentioning the sunrise in their holiday memories.

For all the fun you are about to have, pack your sun and fun gear and get ready to enjoy your Maui vacation rental holiday. This will give you great piece of mind from beginning to end. You and your family absolutely deserve the best, most memorable Maui vacation.


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