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Top 7 Place To Visit In Japan

Top 7 Place To Visit In Japan

Apr 4, 2013

Japan is an island nation found in south Asia. Its neighbors include the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia. It has a population of approximately 126 million with and an area of approximately 145000 square miles. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. Its rich culture, great traditions, beautiful scenery, cutting edge technology and mesmerizing architecture reinforce its status as a premier tourist destination.

Major attractions in Japan

The tourist attractions in Japan are a blend of the remnants of its rich history, great culture exquisite bequests, modern architectural marvels and futuristic innovations. Some of the most popular tourist destinations include;


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This island, located off the coast of Hiroshima, is regarded by locals as the island of gods. It is found in the picturesque Seto sea and is undoubtedly one of Japans crown jewels. The Itsukushima shrine, located on this island, is a renowned world heritage site. This shrine is a common venue for weddings with lucky visitors getting to see the memorable accompanying ceremonial dance. Also found on this island is Daisho, a Buddhist temple nestled in the hills. Although missed by most tourists, this site provides many interests and is a great way to spend time away from the more raucous places on the island.(image by Martin Abegglen).

Masumoto castle

This Hirajiro (castle built on the plains rather than mountains) is one of Japan’s premier historical castles and is one of the four castles designated as a natural treasures in Japan. This castle is incredibly beautiful and has an air of grandeur about it. Its secondary Donjon and the turret adjoined to its main keep making it unique and by far the most beautiful of Japans castles. Its magnificent wooden anterior with steep wooden stairs, the Somei yoshima trees all around it and phenomenal architecture make it one of Japan’s premier tourist destinations.

Okinawa Chiraumi Aquarium

This aquarium is located within the Ocean Expo Park, which is regarded as the place that exclusively reflects Okinawa’s history and natural wealth. This aquarium contains within it the immensely beautiful and captivating mysteries of the sea. These mysteries include the largest fish in the world, the whale shark, close to 1000 diverse coral colonies and a collection of many other exquisite marine creatures. This collection of marine life is a great recreation of Okinawa’s mysterious and immeasurably beautiful deep sea. It is one of the most captivating attractions in the world.

Sanjusangendo Hall

This temple found in eastern Kyoto is, at 120 m, Japans longest wooden structure. The literal meaning of its name is ?hall with 33 intervals’. This is a reference to the number of intervals between the buildings support pillars which is the traditional Japanese way of measuring lengths. The long halls in the building have a reverential and moving atmosphere. This building has perhaps the most impressive assembly of statues. The main image, a statue of a seated Kannon Bonisadthva, is popular due to the profound effect it has on the visitors.

Tokyo Disney Sea

This amusement park provides visitors with water themed rides and thrilling adventures that accommodate visitors of different age groups. The immaculate cleanliness and attention to detail in the park is also another thing that ensures that it remains a big tourist attraction.

Kenrokuen Garden

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Kenrokuen Garden Place To Visit In Japan
This serene garden is one of the three great gardens in the country. This is appreciated when one takes a stroll within it. The flawless landscape, inspiring aura and fancy designs located at each corner overwhelm most visitors leaving them in awe. The literal meaning of Kenrokuen is six, this refers to the six attributes a garden should have; human ingenuity, spaciousness, water, scenic views, antiquity and seclusion.(image by Les Walsh).

Kurama The Onsen Hot Springs

The proximity of these hot springs to the popular tourist destination of Kyoto endears them to most travellers. Found near the Buddhist temple of Kurama Dera, these hot springs are a great way to relax and enjoy an outdoor bath.

These and many other attractions coupled with Japan’s ultramodern and efficient transport system, great security and warm-hearted people are what set it apart as a great tourist destination.


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