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Top 7 Great Attractions In Venice

Top 7 Great Attractions In Venice

May 23, 2013

Venice is one of the cities in Italy that boast of great tourist attractions. Located in the Venetian Lagoon, the city is widely acknowledged for its beauty and exceptional setting. It is a city that visitors need when they want some quiet time away from the busy work schedule. Without a doubt, most first time visitors will fall in love with the artworks and the architecture of the city. As a world heritage site, it is definitely a city to visit.

1. Piazza San Marco


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This is considered as one of the largest Piazzas in Venice. It is the ideal meeting place if you are in Venice. The place features a wide array of classic cafes, spectacular museums and amazing architecture. Needless to say, the sea is also a captivating attraction that will definitely give you fond memories of Venice. If you want to take a look at the glories architecture of this city, this is the ideal place to go.(image by David Morgan-Mar).

2. Doge’s palace

This is a historic attraction in Venice that was initially the official residence of the Doge, one of the ancient leaders of Venice. Presently, it is a renowned museum that one can visit when in this city. The executive rooms depict the initial life of the king of Venice. Visitors are granted access to the torture chambers, the bridge of sighs as well as the prisons.

3. Basilica San Marco

Basilica San Marco is an amazing Byzantine architecture that is located near the Doge’s palace. Apart from the glistening Mosaics, other notable treasures include the incredible paintings and other artistic works.

4. Rizlto Bridge

A discussion of the best attractions of Venice cannot be complete without mentioning this bridge. It is a unique ornamental stone bridge that serves as the icon if this city. Taking an evening stroll is a good option if you want to experience the lively shops and interesting markets.

5. Galleria dell’Accademia

If you want to experience the Venetian art work that was done in the 17th century, this is arguably the best attraction for you. All the works by famous artists and sculptors such as Tiepelo, Paolo Veneziano and Titian are showcased here.

6. Carnevale

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Carnevale Great Attractions In Venice
Carnevale is the best and most famous festival in Venice. It features weeks of fun and interesting celebrations that can complete your tour of this city. It is a good pleasure to see the people of Venice dressed in masks, fineries and period dresses. It is an amazing festival show that is held in the month of February. Visitors and tourists have the opportunity to enjoy great food, entertainment and mingle with other revelers from different parts of the world.(image by Michela).

7. Zanipolo

This is a religious site that is a must see when you are in Venice. It was built in the 14th century by the Dominicans and features a wide array of masterpieces. The ancient church also features 25 Doges’ tombs that were done by popular ancient sculptors such as Tullio Lombardo and Nicola Piscano.

These top 7 attractions in Venice should be part of your activities to do when you visit this amazing Italian city. The attractions present the perfect opportunity to experience the romantic image of Venice.


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