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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Poland

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Poland

Oct 18, 2013

Poland is a European country which is situated near the Baltic Sea. It has more than 38 million people living in the amazing country. Its attraction doesn’t stop at the nature but exceeds towards the variety of cultures and traditions that are always a pleasure to participate in. Poland’s history is amazing, constituting of its historically important cities with beauty lying in the huge palaces and amazing people with great hospitable nature. As a visitor one can never forget the respect one can get from this country whether staying at the hotel, doing shopping or camping. One will always remember the exquisiteness experience from visiting the lakes, forests or hills etc.

Top 5 Tourist destinations:

5. Wieliczka Salt Mine:

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In Poland’s city Krakow, lays an underground “Wieliczka Salt Mine”, which is considered to be one of the oldest companies not just in the country but also in the world. Its famous appeal is due to the table salt that was produced by this company till 2007. Many people call it “the Underground Salt Cathedral of Poland.” Here also lies a chapel where many functions like marriages took place. Some part of the movie “the Ascent of Man” was also shot here. This is the only salt mine in the world that is a part of the UNESCO’s “World Heritage List” in 1978.(image by AudreyH).

4. Bialowieza Forest:

Another of the Poland’s great place to be visited by the tourists or even the locals is the Bialowieza Forest . Here the tourists can visit by whatever means they please including either walking on foot or using horse carriages. It is considered to be the mixed forest where one can find many varieties of animals and plants (fauna and flora).It is called by the name Belovezhskaya pushcha by UNESCO and other people. Being a nature lover, the tourist will be much amused by the species of plants that are protected here.

3. Warsaw’s old market place

Warsaw is the capital of the country, Poland. This market place was founded in the last half of the 13th century. Although the original market place was destroyed during the WW-II but later it was rebuilt in very small amount of time. Here lies the symbol of Poland’s capital’s “sculpture of Warsaw mermaid”. The tourists will be greatly attracted by the history of this place, the destruction and reconstruction makes it attractive for the tourists having a historical liking in their nature.

2. The Tatra Mountains:

This mountain series form the natural border between Poland and its neighbor country Slovakia. Mountain climbers and walkers will find this sight very attractive for not just sight seeing but feeling the amazing wind. As this is in the temperate region, its temperature starts from -40oC. Here the peaks are covered by snow giving the range an amazing sight to it. The flora here is also of diverse variety including grasslands, herbs and shrubs. Fauna includes many species of spiders, mammals, birds and arthropods. So don’t miss this place. It is amazing.

1. Main Market Square

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Main Market Square Tourist Attractions in Poland
The 13th century’s amazing Poland attraction “the Main Market Square” is present in Kraków’s old town. It is the main attraction because it has been a part of many historical events in the country. Still today many new functions and public events take place here including “Festival of Military Bands”, “New Years Eve part” and other colorful and joyful events. Because of this reason it is always full of people, large gatherings and of course tourist attractive spot in Poland.(image by glottis2009).

If you are going to Poland, don’t forget to visit these places. Have fun


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