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Top 5 Most Romantic Cities In France

Top 5 Most Romantic Cities In France

Feb 4, 2014

France has been known throughout history and all over the world as the country of romance. Just mention Paris, the capital city of France, and the first idea that comes to mind is a romantic notion. In fact, Paris is commonly referred to as “The city of love”. Indeed, France is categorized among countries belonging to Romance-speaking Europe.

These are countries in Europe where romance languages are predominantly used to official or co-official levels. Most cities and towns in France have major tourist attractions, which make them a suitable travel and leisure destination, especially for couples that may desire to go for honeymoon in Europe. The cities have so much to offer, including squares, canals, bridges, monuments, museums, parks and gardens, depending on a visitor’s interests; not leaving out the luxuriously romantic hotels. As such, one may want to know which the most romantic places in France are, in case they may wish to take a romantic journey or holiday in the country.

The five most romantic cities in France

To provide a simple guide to those planning a honeymoon or special getaway, the most romantic destinations within the boundaries of France are outlined. In no particular order though, the following cities will offer the romantic atmosphere you seek during your travel:

St. Paul de Vence

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Located in Provence, St. Paul de Vence is located five minutes from Vence on a breathtaking hilltop. There, you will find art galleries, side walk cafes and boutiques; just what a young couple in love may be looking for. In addition, you will view the beautiful scenery of mountains and sea. A couple of whatever age can walk hand in hand through its winding streets covered with fountains and beautiful statues on its walls. In case you travel to St. Paul de Vence, remember to visit the church that was designed by the artiste Matisse.(image by Michal).


Montsegur is recommended for an outdoor romantic experience. One of the most exciting activities a couple can engage in is mountain climbing. The tough climb of the Pog mountain is extremely rewarding, once you reach the top. The glorious view of mountains, valley and atmospheric ruins will remain etched in your mind. Please taste the meals and night stay at L’Oustal.


There is so much to say about the “The city of love”. From the welcoming temperate climate, extensive transport, engaging activities, various festivals, holiday-making physical attractions, Paris will offer the romantic touch that many cities around the world will not. One of the things anyone who has been to Paris will tell another couple is to walk onto a bridge over the Seine and kiss! Relax, sip coffee and watch as amazing things unfold. If you don’t plan to make another trip to Paris, remember to carry your camera with you for the memories.

Cap d’Agde

This is the city of couples in France. Shop, bank, and go on to indulge as a couple in lying out on the beach, playing on the sand beach, sunbathing and relishing the experience.

Loire Valley

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Located in the countryside, it is breathtakingly beautiful. There are luxurious chateaux (castles). The wine and food is worth trying. Visit as well, the castles that have been converted into hotels. No couple would wish for a better honeymoon destination.(image by SecondGlass).

France is no doubt the country of romance and its cities provide the most romantic feeling. This is why they remain recommended for a honeymoon for all couples. Try these five most romantic cities in France, you will not regret it.


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