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Top 10 Things You Must See In Thailand

Top 10 Things You Must See In Thailand

Jan 7, 2014

Thailand is noted to be one of the best spots for tourists all across the world documented on the television. These spots are also shown in many Hollywood movies which crop up over and over again in the world of modern fiction.

So here are the top ten places that you must see in Thailand:


1. The Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw In Thailand
This is a must see spot in Bankok. This spectacular and dazzling place has a grand statue which is remarkably one of the famous landmarks in the city. So witness the endless architecture of some of the most skilled craftsmen in Thailand.(image by Prasit Rodphan).

2. The Bay of Phang Nga

The bay of Phang Nga is one of the most unique spots in the world. It is located in the north east of Phuket which is surrounded by limestone cliffs and an endless stream of crystal clear water.

3. The Similan Islands

These Islands are also located in the Phang Nga province. The Similan has nine Islands surrounded with tropical fish and colorful corals. They also offer vibrant underwater visibility. Therefore diving is considered one of the most favorable activities in this region.

4. The Floating Markets

Situated near Bankok, these colorful markets are usually found in the pages of the travel books. These markets have a large pile of rich tropical fruits and vegetables that are very fresh. One can also find boats here. So, enjoy the atmosphere as you relax on a boat tour.

5. The Islands of Phi Phi

One of the most loveliest and spectacular Islands of the Krabi Province are the Islands of Phi Phi. Here, you can enjoy a 45 minute ride on a speed boat as you shall witness the everlasting flow of calming water and the lush greenery surrounding these Islands.

6. Doi Suthep

The Doi Suthep is a part of the Chiang Mai life. The mountains overlook the city to provide you with views of the countryside and the enormous architecture.

7. The Beach of Railay

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Beach of Railay In Thailand
One of the most sought after beaches in the Krabi Province is the beach of Railay. Here you are bound to find one of the gorgeous sand beaches along with caves, lagoons and endless limestone cliffs. This beach also offers a great space for walking as you feel the cool breeze.(image by Vyacheslav Argenberg).

8. Ayyutthaya

Situated in the north of Bankok, this city is the center of regional trade, art and culture and a metropolis which exhibits various techniques in sophisticated styles. This temple today, is a reminder of the glorious past of Siam and the darkest times in the history of Thai.

9. The temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun)

When King Taksin arrived at this temple, it was during the breaking dawn. Hence, the temple was named Wat Arun which was later renovated. He fought his way out of Ayutthaya that the Burmese army besigned, which was when he found this temple.

10. The national park of Khao Yai

Present in the north of Bankok, this is one of the second largest parks in Thailand with fertile valleys, rich biodiversity and waterfalls.

This is just the beginning as there are still more to see in this luxurious place filled with endless beauty. So keep venturing and discover the various places of this magical land.


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Feature image by Aaron Geddes

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