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Three Most Amazing Islands in the Caribbean

Three Most Amazing Islands in the Caribbean

Jan 21, 2014

For a traveler, whenever the Caribbean Islands are mentioned, an unexplainable feeling is always felt. This does not mean that these places are unfavorable to be, but it is always a dream of every traveler to visit these amazing islands whose enchanting beauty has made them acquire global recognition becoming one of the most popular tourism hotspots. This region is endowed with numerous islands decorated with world class beaches within the neighborhood of 5 star hotels making it convenient for any traveler who wishes to spend his vacation along the beaches. Additionally, the wide stretch of fine sand and the crystal clear of the vast water masses have all the pleasure that keeps the visiting tourists entertained throughout. In case you are considering a cheap travel to this region, this place will never let you down. The prices are affordable and fun is always guaranteed. However a visit to these great islands can never be pleasing without visiting some islands. Here are the top three amazing islands whose scenery is eye catching, and keep your holidays always fantastic.

Antigua Islands

If you are considering a visit to the Caribbean Islands, holiday in Antigua should be on the top on your list. The environs are always pleasing and interacting in this region soaked in rich culture is a great privilege. You may opt to visit the Nelson’s Dockyard were costumed interpreters and guides introduce you to the fortifications and facilities of the region where there are museums and historic stores. Coming to the clean beaches, Antigua has all the treatments that an average traveler may need at affordable costs. Travelers have a chance to participate in all water sports activities including scuba diving, beach volleyball amongst others. Apart from the exemplary beach life, Antigua boosts of having one of the greatest national parks, Devil’s Bridge National Park, which has all the wide diversity of wild animals which are enough to blow your mind.(Image by Sigfus Sigmundsson)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Antigua Islands Most Amazing Islands in the Caribbean

Bermuda Island

This island is just amazing, from the nerve calming atmosphere to the cool soothing breeze that sweeps across it, makes Bermuda one of the most visited islands in the world. Apart from the beautiful beach life that welcomes visitors in this region, it also boosts of amazing features that will stop your heart for a while. Whether you are considering a child travel, family travel or an adrenaline oriented experience, this is surely the right place to hangout. While visiting his amazing place doesn’t forget to set your foot on these places; The Crystal Caves of Bermuda and The Historic Town of St. George. You will surely have the real pleasure.

Cayman Islands

In case you are searching for a place where you can calm your nerves and enjoy in one of the most beautiful islands, visit Cayman. The extraordinary beach life present will not be enough to blow your mind, instead pay a visit to Cayman Islands Turtle Farm and you will never get disappointed. The creatures are amazing and the beautiful landscape makes this place ideal spot for any type of vacation attractions. You may also opt to visit Pedro St. James Castle and the Botanical Park where fun is always around.(Image by Jack Salen)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Cayman Islands Most Amazing Islands in the Caribbean

These islands give a clear picture of all the Caribbean Islands and the experience here is always rewarding. Make a visit now and your dreams will come true.


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Feature image by Sebastian Fransson