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Things for Business Travelers to do in Bangkok

Things for Business Travelers to do in Bangkok

May 8, 2015

Even when on a business trip to Bangkok, you can always squeeze in some time in your schedule for several activities as well as sightseeing. The city is known for its notorious traffic jams and if you wish to do other thing other than business, it is advised that you get a hotel or apartments that are generally accessible.

There are many attractions in Bangkok, the most popular being the Dusit Palace Park, the Grand Palace, shrines and even temples. There are also the famous floating markets located outside the city. However, you can lack enough time to go around this entire place when on a business trip. Some of the top things and places that you can manage to do and visit when on a business trip to Bangkok include:

Golf courses and Sports Clubs

In Bangkok, there are over 40 world class golf courses. For those who love golf, it is very important that you check the location of your hotel just to make sure that you are not stuck in traffic as you get to the golf courses. You can also go to the Royal Bangkok Sports Club which besides horseracing, it also offers a wide variety of other sports favorable for travelers on a business trip. These include sports such as martial arts, basketball, chess, soccer, tennis and swimming among many other sports.(Image by John)

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Bars and restaurants

There are numerous renowned bars and restaurants in Bangkok. One of the most popular is the vertigo and Moon bar that is found on the 61st floor of the famous Banya tree building. The bar is well known as it was first Southeast Asia’s roof top bar and grills on any skyscraper. Besides curious tourists, the bar is also popular with business travelers as well as expatriates. The Dome at Iebua also has the Sirocco and Sky bar on its 63th floor. This is the highest open air restaurant in the whole world. The restaurant requires you to make reservations a week in advance if you wish to have dinner there. Note that both of these hotels are only open when the weather is fair.


There are many shopping malls and markets in Bangkok. The Patpong night market is popular especially with weekdays business people where they can stock up as well as buy souvenirs to take back home. There is also the Chatuchak Market that opens during the weekends. You can also find some of the best shopping malls in Bangkok lined up along the Sukhumvit Road. The city also boasts some of the best tailors in the world hence you can have some suits and clothes tailored as you go along with your business.


Depending on the nature of your business, you can squeeze in some time to go see some of the popular attractions in the city. Some of these include the Temple of Dawn, Temple of the Reclining Buddha and even the Paragon Cineplex among many others.(Image by Prachanart)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Sightseeing Things for Business Travelers to do in Bangkok

These are some of the top things and places you can explore when on a business trip to Bangkok. Make sure that you enquire from travel advisories as well as the locals on some of these areas since you cannot afford to ruin your business trip as a result of inconveniences such as getting stuck in a traffic jam.


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