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The Wild Miami City of Florida

The Wild Miami City of Florida

Sep 24, 2014

If you’re looking for Cubans, beautiful people, South Beach, cruises and a lot of parties, Miami is just for you. It is a wild city and this is where you go to worship the sun. Although it’s not one of the most cheapest cities in the States, Miami is definitely a fun place to visit. I loved relaxing in Miami, watching different kinds of tourists and locals all enjoying the culture and lifestyle of the city. So, how much does the city cost for budget travelers like us?

Cost of  Accommodation

I paid about USD20 per night for a hostel dorm room per night in Miami, but if you need a private double room, the price is a lot more pricey at USD120. As for cheap hotels, the lowest rate start at USD65 and it can go up to USD100. Shop around for a place to stay before you agree to pay for the rates. I’m pretty sure there are still a lot of other places where you can easily get cheaper rates. Other than that, there are a lot of home owners who are willing to let travelers to house-sit their places. I believe Couchsurfing is pretty easy to find too. (image by : Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group)
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Cost of Food and Transportation

As for the food, paying USD20 per meal in South Beach area or any other restaurants along the coastline is considered the standard rate. I would say if you want to get a fraction of the price you pay, stay away from the main area in the city. There are a lot of fast food options in Miami, just like in the rest of America. You can get this for less than USD7. If you plan to cook your own food, expect to spend USD40-USD50 per week for groceries shopping. For delicious Cuban-style food, go to Little Havana where you can buy the food for less than USD10. As for the transportation, a single journey on bus or metro rail will cost you about USD2.25.

Tips On Money Saving

If you’re planning to go to Miami, there are tons of packages available for flights and hotels. I would recommend for you to really search around for the best package deal. Always be flexible on your travel dates and try to sign up for deal alerts. This is also one of the easiest ways you can save more on your budget. Apart from that, if you have the intention to see a lot of places around Miami, getting the Go Miami Card is crucial for you. For just one price, you can easily get the unlimited free admission to more than 25 major attractions in the city. The cards can be used for total of 14 days. (image by : alamosbasement)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tips On Money Saving The Wild Miami City of Florida

Apart from partying in the clubs, watching the Miami Heat playing basketball, eating amazing food or unwinding on South Beach, you should also know that Miami’s port serves as the departure point for a lot of cruises. The major hotspot in Miami is none other than the South Beach where you can experience everything from partying to shopping. But just in case you’re tired of the beach, go on a cruise then.


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Feature image by : Kay Gaensler