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The Seven Places You Must Visit While In Brazil

The Seven Places You Must Visit While In Brazil

Jul 26, 2013

Brazil is a beautiful country. It is a beloved place by tourists because of its attractions , destinations, Brazil. A holiday in Brazil and you will certainly be changed forever.

Iguaçu Falls

This is probably the most beautiful falls in the world. This attraction is also known as the Igazu falls and is a stunning 90 meter high and 5 kilometer wide falls. This falls is found in the boarder of Brazil and Argentina in a perfect nature setting and crushing into perfect horseshoe-shaped precipice. This falls is as a result of the falling of the Igazu River from a hanging valley. Complementing the falls is a beautiful evergreen lush forest with a variety of wildlife.

Amazon River

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The Amazon forest is a rainforest which creates a self sustaining microclimate of moist conditions. This leads to a high rainfall which supplies water to the never ending Amazon River, the 2nd longest river in the world just after river Nile stretching a clean 6400km. Amazon River has the largest water volume and contains over 3000 known fish species. For the lovers of adventure, the thrills of having boat rides upriver creates a mark in your life that you are bound not to forget for your entire life.(image by Warren Kendrick).


If you are in Brazil and you have not thought about visiting Salvador, then you are making a great mistake. Salvador is known as Brazil’s romantic city, the capital of Bahia state of Brazil, with a magnificent beach stretching for miles which is a perfect site for water sports and a sunset watch. The beaches are protected by reefs which form pools ideal for diving and swimming and for children play.

Rio Carnival

Don’t miss out on the carnivals. A couple here and there, especially in Recife, Salvador together with their neighbor Olinda. If you want to feature in the biggest of them all you might want to attend the Rio de Janeiro’s carnival where you’ll get to experience Brazil’s culture and have fun with the beautiful women.

The Pantanal

Well, if you love wildlife, this is the place for you. The Pantanal is a home to very many species of animals and birds. It is a spread of the largest wetlands of the world and here you will find the capybara, marsh deer, giant river otter, toucan, jaguar, puma, armadillo, parrots, the scarlet headed black bird and see the caiman a float in the Pantanal waters. These are quite easier to spot due to lack of a dense jungle unlike the Amazon. Accommodation is great. You will spend the nights in the Fazenda based lodges and have the feeling of a home away from home.

Christ the Redeemer

A statue associated to Brazil or Rio de Janeiro. This statue is at the highest peak of the 700meters Corcovado Mountain and overlooks Rio and the sea. This icon of Rio de Janeiro stands 36meters tall and gives a clean panorama view of the Guanabara Bay.

Ouro Preto and Teatro Amazonas

Some history wouldn’t be bad for a tourist because it gives a sense of admiration. Ouro Preto also known as the black gold is a colonial preserved city with the Portuguese architectured buildings. It is among Brazil’s most toured sites because of its 18th and early 19th century churches decorated with gold and sculptures.

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Teatro Amazonas Must Visit While In Brazil
As for the Teatro Amazonas, it is an ancient opera house in the heart of the Amazon built with materials from all over the world such furniture from Paris, steel from England, rubber from Brazil and marble from Italy. The first performance was given in 1897 and then it was closed due to reduced rubber trade and never another performance until 90years down the line in 2001, when it was reopened.(image by GBB729).

This is just but a short list of Brazil’s beauty. With Brazil’s kind of climate, do not expect to find such great sceneries in some countries such as Russia. Though Russia in its own has some great sites, there is always a lot more to explore and fathom attractions , Destinations, Brazil.


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