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The Picture-Perfect Beaches of Bahamas

The Picture-Perfect Beaches of Bahamas

Sep 21, 2014

Every year, millions of tourists head to the picture-perfect beaches of Bahamas for a holiday retreat. Bahamas welcomes cruise ship visitors, Americans and all vacationers of different nationalities. What actually made Bahamas a hotspot among travelers are the natural attractions and a huge range of cultural and historical sites. Bahamas is not a cheap destination, just like any other islands in the Caribbean. I went to Bahamas without expecting anything cheap, but still, I tried to keep to my own maximum budget. Truth is, no matter how expensive a place is, if you do it right, you can still enjoy the trip as cheap as you do it.

Cost of Accommodation and Food

To find a cheap accommodation in Bahamas is pretty hard because lodging is expensive there. Hostels are hard to find but there are a number of guest houses with reasonable prices around Bahamas. Budget hotels can be found for USD75 per night with ensuite rooms. As for the food, I paid a meal of fish, dessert and side dish for USD8. However, most of the restaurants around Bahamas specialized in British and American meals which usually cost between USD17 to USD25 per plate of serving. And don’t ever be surprised if you need to pay 15% of the compulsory service charge on your bill. (image by : candia_maris)

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Cost of Transportation in Bahamas

The cheapest travel option for those staying in Nassau or Freeport is by a minibus for about USD1.25 per ticket. However, this service usually stop at 6pm. Apart from that, the most popular way to get around is via the water-taxis, operating every hour, which cost USD6 for a return ticket to Paradise Island from Nassau. If you’re planning to travel between islands, the mail boats frequently run from Nassau to the other Islands with cost of each way about USD45. However, bear in mind, mail boats operate long-hour sometimes from 12 to 48 hours. They offer the least of modern conveniences needed. That is why I suggest for you take the inter-island flights especially the Bahamas Air. I didn’t break my bank even when I took these flights.


Activities and Tips On Money Saving

Activities such as fishing trips, swimming with dolphins, diving trips and snorkeling can easily eat you up about USD125. Apart from that, inland activities such as the Grand Bahama’s Garden of the Groves and Pirates of Nassau Museum had only cost me about USD12. So, there are things that are reasonably priced in Bahamas, despite the expensive costs of most of the things there. Some of the tips that I can share include getting the nightclub passes for just USD5 from the hotels or taxi drivers, drinking rum instead of the expensive beers and biking to get around for only about USD20 per day. (image by :401(K) 2012)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Activities and Tips On Money Saving The Picture-Perfect Beaches of Bahamas

Bahamas expects for tourists to be spending tons of money on their trip here. The popularity among honeymooners, celebrities and cruise ships making Bahamas as one of the top travel destinations in the world. If you need a moment to unwind from your busy schedule, Bahamas is waiting for you. All you need is a lot of budget to spend while staying there.


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Feature image by : Dale Morton