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The Joy of Traveling by Train

The Joy of Traveling by Train

Jan 2, 2014

The next time you are considering traveling, evaluating your options and selecting the safest and most reliable method. Trains have been operating since the 19th centuries and have been continuously revolutionized to some of the most modern and most reliable ways of transport. Electric trains can cruise at supersonic speeds and see you cross states in just hours; this is largely facilitated by the integration of standardized rail gauges in most countries. The tickets are quite affordable and will save you a fortune especially when travelling with your kids and family. Here are some of the merits of travelling by rail.


Travelling by train grants you the advantage of observing the countryside and other historic sites that happen to be near the rail tracks, some railways indeed pass through national parks and so you will have the fun of seeing wild animals for free! It also grants you an opportunity to see and appreciate Mother Nature unlike when driving a car and keeping your eyes on the road or when flying above 30,000 feet high. You will enjoy travelling in an unbeaten path as you admire passing through Rocky Mountains, valleys, ridged mountains and lakes among others.


Rail transport is relatively cheaper and quite affordable as compared to air ticket, besides air ticket you won’t have to stop and refill your gas. Travelling by train at night also saves you the costs of having to book for motels or hotels. You will also save more time since trains are faster compared to road or water transport. Tickets are also booked as per your class; they have all you will need ranging from luxurious to lower class and budget saving cabins. You will choose either to travel in first class, second or third class depending on your pocket.


Trains travelling on long distances past many states stop at major destinations and landmarks that are on its route before reaching their final destination. This grants you the opportunity to see several cities and towns that are along the way. If you have a ticket pass, you embark and disembark at any stop and stroll shortly before proceeding with the journey. This can be beneficial to you as a spontaneous traveler or when travelling with your family and kids


Seats in cabins are more spacious than automobiles and airplanes; you also have the freedom to walk up and down, this makes train travel to be more comfortable. Seating next to a window and away from doors will maximize your comfort as you will not be disturbed by the up and down moving passengers as well as your eyes will be having something to look at. In modern trains, you can recline your seats to a horizontal position and take a nap whenever you like.


Train travel is one of the safest means of transport left in the world, they have security personnel within them and once screened you will not have the hassle of waiting in long queues waiting human and luggage screening. Besides incidences of hijacking are at their lowest compared to bus travel. No jam’s means you will not have to raise your windows unlike in cars as no one can snatch your property from a moving object. Accidents are at their lowest and you will not feel the risking life feeling associated with air travel.

The next time you are travelling, plan early and book your train in time to enjoy these and other benefits associated with rail travel. You will never regret the experience.


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