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The Five Best Family Holiday Destinations in June

The Five Best Family Holiday Destinations in June

Jan 18, 2014

June is an important month when it comes to holiday destinations. Because the weather is typically fantastic, it is the perfect time for family holidays and relaxations and is the ideal way of welcoming the summer months. You surely want to find the best place to suit your family’s needs and wishes. If you book your holiday early, you can save lots of money and avoid the last minute summertime rush.

There are so many great family vacation deals to consider when planning your next summer family holiday. As it may be too daunting to decide where to go in June, we have provided five of the best holiday destinations for families and some information about each’s magic. We’re pretty confidentthat between Florida in the United States of America, Crete in Greece, Jerusalem in Israel, Petra in Jordan and Istanbul in Turkey you will find the summer vacation of a lifetime.

1- Enjoy the Magic of Florida, USA

A visit to Florida leaves many families longing to forever relocate their residence to this archipelago of sorts. Florida family vacations in June become even more meaningful due to the tropical climatic conditions there. While many other locations in the world don’t have the sunny Florida weather, Florida calls family to its coral reefs and sandy beaches. Families can enjoy outdoor activities together, such as snorkeling, diving, swimming with dolphins and sunbathing. And of course, Florida offers the entire Disney experience which creates family memories of a lifetime.(Image by Luis E. Rodriguez)

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2- Experience the Richness of Jerusalem and Israel

Jerusalem has a religious connection that draws people of all the major religions of the world to it. You can visit places where Jesus and his disciples went, marvel at Muslim holy sites and pray at holy Jewish centers. Together with your family, Jerusalem becomes a haven for religious tolerance and appreciation. A view of the Mediterranean coast line and the green lush Galilee leads you to a heaven for nature exploration and fun family activities. You can experience everything from the famous Sea of Galilee, the historic Masada, beautiful Eilat, and the lowest place on the globe at the Dead Sea. Israel is a haven for a memorable June family holiday.

3- Revel in the Charmof Crete, Greece

When it comes to June holidays, Crete is the place to be. As the largest Greek island, is is full of amazing geographic formations and unique beaches ideal for family fun. The island has a serene environment and visitors always find the June climate and the locals so welcoming. Come and witness this4000-year old historic island with your family and you will be amazed more than you could have imagined. Witness the best sceneries, mountains, and the very essence of Greek mythological magic. Rethymnonhas the best beaches and sand; enjoy taverns by the shore, experience endless family water sports. Crete is definitely a marvelous family vacation option.

4- Meet the Awesomeness of Petra, Jordan

Petra is the place to be when it comes to June vacations. This tourist destination is a mystical place where nature’s cliffs and the beautiful sceneries meet unreal history and culture. Enjoying the warm breeze and a nice warm weather will always keep you outdoors together with family during your stay here. Known as the Lost Desert City, Petra in June has the ideal climate for family exploration. As a family, together you can enjoy famous activities like horse rides through history and visiting some of the most famous royal tombs on the globe.(Image by Wojtek Ogrodowczyk )

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Petra Best Family Holiday Destinations in June

5- Dip into Amazing in Istanbul, Turkey

A visit to Istanbul, Turkey leaves family tourists enthralled by its charm. People are left speechless by the beautiful sceneries and great citadels that have a historic background dating back to thousands of years. The Turkish locals are welcoming and view visitors (especially with children) as heaven-sent. Istanbul is a great place to come with your family as you will discover mosques, markets, and Turkish entertainment ideal for the family. The Turkish food, ruins, culture, music, and people of Istanbul are a marvelous family holiday option.

It’s time to pack wisely, plan ahead, and get excited as summer is just around the corner. Your family deserves the best and a fun-filled June holiday in one of these destinations may bless your family with experiences beyond their expectations.


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