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The Best 5 Things To See in Greece

The Best 5 Things To See in Greece

Oct 16, 2012

Do you want to explore the ancient architecture, natural beauty and most amazing attractions and sites of the world? Greece is one of the right places to go. Because of its beautiful attractions and destinations, Greece is the best place which can fully entertain you as a traveler and also enable you to feel relaxed. Normal people need to relax after completing some of the activities which are carried out in daily life. Greece is a destination which is really rich in culture and history. It is important that you travel and have a chance to see the beautiful attractions there. It has a variety of the best things to see. Despite the perilous economic situation, it is also known as one of the famous attractions place in the world. It has fine beaches, historical sites and high mountain ranges among others.

The best 5 things to see in Greece include :

1. Santorini
2. Myrtos beach
3. Mount Athos
4. Delphi theatre
5.The Parthenon


Inhabited islands are so many in Greece. Santorini is a famous volcanic island which is located there. It is known for its dazzling sunsets, spectacular sights and houses which has overwhelming houses. When you visit this island make sure that you test its local wine. Classy restaurants with a mouth-watering food are also present. You will hear a lot of vampire stories. Don’t take the plane when you are there, just travel by sea and you will enjoy it much. It is very amazing to see banded cliffs.

Myrtos Beach.

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Myrtos Beach Things To See in Greece
Myrtos is one of the famous finest beaches found in Greece. Although there are a number of other amazing beaches there, Myrtos beach is remarkable. It is known to have one of the tranquil beaches which have a lively atmosphere. It also has a fine and white sand. Clear and blue waters which provides an excellent swimming area for the sea lovers is also available.(image by Neil Parker).

Mount Athos.

This is a peninsula. It is situated in the northern area of Greece. It is one of the famous amazing places there. Mount Athos is a stern monastery and only male travelers can enter there. The female travelers can only capture the photographs outside this beautiful historical place.

Delphi Theatre.

Delphi is actually an abode to the vision of Apollo and safe haven. This is located on a hill which gives all its travelers a perfect view of the beautiful Greece.

The Parthenon.

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -The Parthenon Things To See in Greece
This is located at Acropolis at the top. Make sure you visit this temple when you travel to Athens. The people view this amazing place as a plain temple. Also, they consider it as a fortress especially at moments of distress. They also consider it as a mosque where Islam comes to worship and also a church for the Christians. The primordial Parthenon appears dramatic especially when lighten up during nighttime.(image by John Rizzo).

In conclusion : There are a wide range of the things to see in Greece. Some of them include Santorini, Myrtos beach, Mount Athos, Delphi theatre and the Parthenon which are discussed above. They are the best things to see in Greece. These make Greece to be seen as one of the entertaining and most relaxing country worldwide.


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