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The 7 Top Beaches Destinations In Costa Rica

The 7 Top Beaches Destinations In Costa Rica

Jun 26, 2012

Costa Rica is on of the Central America nations found along the pacific peninsula. The nation is rated as on e of the top nations with the best beaches in Central America. The beaches in the pacific nation are not only beautiful but also countless. The country has one of the most attractive and beautiful tourist destinations in the world.

The tiny country which is found along the Pacific Ocean coastline is buzzing with tourist activities from both local and foreign tourist who throng the many beaches and other attraction sites that the country has to offer.

Most of the beaches are full of activity always. Some of the top seven beaches in Costa Rica include the following:

The Nicoya Peninsula beaches

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Nicoya Peninsula beach Destination In Costa Rica
The Nicoya peninsula has some of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Most of the beaches along this peninsula are animated and are the most popular in Costa Rica. The region also has some of that best tourist hotels and resorts.(image by Marissa Strniste).

The Playa Dominical beach

This beach is normally referred to by many as the romantic beach. it is a perfect destination for those going for honeymoon in the central American country.
The beach is also known for water sport activities because of the consistent ocean waves.

The Manuel Antonio beach

These beaches are in the middle of a tropical forest inside the Manuel Antonio beach. It is also well known for its coral reefs and white sand.

The Corcovado beach

This beach offers the best water diving sites and spots. Its major identification is the huge palms and the dark sands. It is also among the few beaches in Costa Rica which harbors wildlife.

The Tortuegeron beaches

This beach is characterized by the big ocean waves and the canoe tours. It is also home to more than sixteen endangered species of animals. It forms a perfect destination for eco tourists.

The jaco beach

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The jaco beach Destination In Costa Rica
The jaco beach is a perfect location for those who love water surfing and swimming. The beach is dotted with luxurious hotels and shops for both local and foreign tourists.(image by CostaRicanVacations).

The mal pais beach

This is another beach attraction site in the peninsula that attracts huge numbers of both local tourist and foreign tourists. It is famous for the water skiing and other water sports as well as swimming.


There is no doubt that Costa Rica has some of the best exotic beaches in the world. For those tourists who love water sporting, the region will offer you some of the best classic destinations for the sport. The beaches offer a good place for those going on honey moons or those going to relax for some time. The region also provides some of then best beaches for family outings and has some of the best resorts and hotels.

Accommodation along the beaches is no problem because of the many luxurious hotels found on the beaches. Beach activity is also boosted by the perfect all year round weather conditions in the country. Costa Rican beaches are among the cleanest beaches in the world.


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