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Spending 3 Days In Helsinki, Finland

Spending 3 Days In Helsinki, Finland

Sep 15, 2014

According to the normal standard of tourist trail of Scandinavian, Helsinki of Finland might be a little bit off. The capital and largest city of the country doesn’t seem to be able to defeat the typical Stockholm, Copenhagen or even Oslo when it comes to tourism. It’s a shame to know that the city never seems to be on the radar of travel for most travelers on budget I have met on the road. They tend to shy away from Helsinki. But if you’re looking for a pleasant place as your travel destination, I would highly recommend Helsinki. Let’s see what did I do in 3 days in Helsinki, Finland.

Day 1

I spent most of my first day visiting museums all around Helsinki. It’s a must if you want to learn more about a city or country. The first was Museum of Contemporary Art. It is situated right up of the Post Museum, which showcases the history of Finland’s postal service. Both museums might sound completely boring to some people, but I was quite impressed to learn the evolution of the mail service from ships and sleds to the Finland’s modern postal service. As for the Museum of Contemporary Art, it has an amazing collection of contemporary art for those who’re interested in such a thing. Apart from these two, I would recommend visiting the National Museum of Finland, Finnish Museum of Photography and the Sinebrychoff Art Museum. When you’re tired of going through museums, rest at the Punavuori Park not too far from the Sinebrychoff. (image by : Scott Johnson)

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Day 2

On the second day, I went to visit the Bank of Finland Museum, which is according to my taste is probably one of the coolest museums I had seen so far. It explains thoroughly the history of modern finance and money in Finland. Next are the Helsinki Cathedral, situated next to the bank museum, and the Uspenski Church, overlooking the Helsinki city. I also went to the Helsinki City Museum where I got the chance to see a lot of photos, great exhibits and descriptions of Finland’s history. Don’t miss out the chance to go to the Central Market, Esplanade Park and the Kaivopuisto Park.

Day 3

After wandering around learning about Finland and Helsinki’s histories, on the last day, I visited the Island of Suomenlinna, where I got to see a lot of lovely beaches, parks, walking tour and interesting buildings. It’s also a perfect place for a family picnic. Next was the Harbor Islands. If you can’t find a way to hang out at Suomenlinna, Harbor Islands has a great tour for you to experience the local lifestyle of the people in the past. (image by : goatwriter)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Day 3 Spending 3 Days In Helsinki, Finland

Like most of the cities of Scandinavian, Helsinki is quite expensive. Budgeting is a must even when you spend just 3 days there. I didn’t feel that three days was enough for me to experience everything in the cuty. I was trying to squeeze the time here and there, and I know I had missed a lot of other things. If you can do it longer than just three days, do it. Otherwise, I still think my 3-days trip was one of the best in my life.


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