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Singapore : The Cosmopolitan City-Country

Singapore : The Cosmopolitan City-Country

Sep 12, 2014

It gained its independence from the British back in the year 1965, and ever since that day, Singapore has been working its way up to become one of the leading economic centers in the world in banking and shipping. This cosmopolitan city-country is just the size of a dot on the world map but don’t let the small size fools you, because Singapore is one of the most expensive places by Southeast-Asian standards. Everything here is highly-priced and one of the many reasons people would come to Singapore is “to do their businesses”. Apart from that, most budget travelers would skip this country. However, don’t let it stop you from visiting Singapore because this city-country deserves more than just business trips.

Cost of Accommodation

Yes, like I said earlier, Singapore isn’t cheap at all. This rule also apply to accommodation. I spent around USD18 for a night in a hostel dorm and this rate can go up to USD22. As for a budget hotel, you can expect to pay about USD40 for a basic double room, just with the fan, not A/C. Most of hotels in Singapore haves rates starting about USD80 per night and going up to USD100. If you are able to score yourself a friend on Couchsurfing, I highly recommend doing so. Just accommodation alone will make you think twice of spending more than a week in this country. (image by : Simon Clancy)
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Cost of Food

As for the food, I was quite surprised to find out that there are plenty of low-cost eateries around. Each meal at street stalls typically start at USD4. If you’re just like me and enjoy Indian and Chinese food, this will cost you between USD6-USD7 per serving. Casual restaurants have no limits on the rates of meal they serve but the starting price is at USD15. If you can do it cheap in any other more expensive countries, you can do it cheap in Singapore as well. I would definitely recommend eating at street stalls since this is one of the cheapest ways to save on your budget. Food in Singapore are as delicious as it is in Malaysia, and you will find it hard to control yourself.

Cost of Transportation and Activities

Mass Rapid Transit or MRT for short is Singaporean’s favorite public transportation, which runs the breadth and lenght of this country. The fares vary accordingly to your final destinatoon but the typical cost is around USD3. Apart from that, buses and taxis can also easily be found in the country. As for the activities in Singapore, once again I was surprised by the costs. Most of the activities are not that expensive. For example, if you’re planning to go to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve or Singapore Botanical Gardens, the admissions are free-of-charge. Apart from that Underwater World cost me at USD23 and Singapore Zoo is at USD17 per entrance. (image by : eric)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Cost of Transportation and Activities Singapore  The Cosmopolitan City-Country

If you enjoy cheap and incredible Chinese and Indian food, therefore this steriled city-country is your best choice. What I loved the most about Singapore is how fast it is in becoming one of the top nations in the world and yes, that top-class nightlife is one thing to die for in Singapore. I would definitely come back soon.

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