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Popular Attractions for Children in Albany

Popular Attractions for Children in Albany

May 5, 2015

Albany is found in Western Australia and it has very many attractions for children as well as for the whole family. There are also a wide array of activities that your family can engage in. the region is known to be rich in natural and even historic attractions. Most of the attractions and activities around Albany are suitable for all ages. Some of the things that you can do or see with your children include:

Visit Historic Landmarks

As a part of teaching your children the value of history, you can take them to the various Historical landmarks around Albany. One popular place is the Old Gaol and Museum that was built for convicts brought to Western Australia. Another must-see attraction is the Brig Amity Replica which shows the original ship that was used by settlers who came to this region. You can also visit the Princess Royal Fortress which besides the many armories in display, it also has a playground and a barbecue area. The Whale World is also a great place for children where they can get on the Cheynes IV whale chaser and learn more of the whaling world. It has thrilling skeleton exhibits, photo galleries as well as state of the art displays.(Image by Wally Gobetz)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Visit Historic Landmarks Popular Attractions for Children in Albany

Visit National Parks

There are numerous national parks in Albany. Located about 40 km north of Albany is the Porongorup Ranges and National Park which has many natural trails and bush tracks. The park is also popular for the beautiful and colorful displays of over 55 species of orchids as they bloom. The Torndirrup national Park is popular for its rock formations that have been created by the southern ocean. There is also the Stirling Range National Park where children can enjoy adventurous bush trekking and walks around the ranges. The park has exquisite wildflower species as well as numerous exotic bird species.

Enjoy the Beaches

The great southern coastline has many pristine beaches. Some of the most popular beaches are the Emu Point and the Middleton Beach. The two are well known to be perfect for family reunions and picnics. They feature high quality facilities such as pavilions, benches, playgrounds and toilets. Other popular beaches include the Fisheries beach, Little Beach and the Goode beach. Most of the beaches offer fun activities for children such as surfing, sand boarding and snorkeling among many other water based activities. You can also consider taking them to the Albany Leisure and Aquatic Center which features rapid river rides, leisure pools, in-pool spa, pool side café, steam room and even a gymnasium.

Visit Albany Marron Farm and Bird Park

This is the ideal place for those children who love animals and bird watching. Located around 23 km east of Albany, your children will enjoy bonding with fun animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens and goats. The park also has a bird aviary where you can bird feed exotic and native birds. The children can also play with bunnies and ponies.(Image by Cole Ng Cheong Tin)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Visit Albany Marron Farm and Bird Park Popular Attractions for Children in Albany

There are many more fun activities and places where you can take your children on your trip to Albany. Check the various travel advisories in Albany to know the best place for your children.


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Feature image by Ronald Woan