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Philippine’s Top 5 Amazing Scuba Diving Spots

Philippine’s Top 5 Amazing Scuba Diving Spots

Jan 6, 2014

The Philippines is one of the most amazing coastal areas in the whole world. This is because it has over seven thousand islands that offer fantastic eco-marine environments. Scuba diving is one of the most common activities in the region. Most visiting tourist usually cannot wait to hit the waters with the natives. Most of the spots in Philippines are sure to guarantee you a memorable experience but there are recommendations that top the list. Some of them include Tubbataha reefs, Donsol, Coron bays and finally the islands of Cebu and Negros.

1. The Captivating Island of Cebu

This is the first among the many scuba diving sites in the Philippines that no one should miss. This island is situated in the middle of Cebu and is famous for its warm waters. All through the year, diving is possible and the depths of the waters in the area permit both experts and novice divers to enjoy their sport. You will be able to take in the awesome sceneries of fishes, corals, whales and sponges while diving. You can visit Savedra dive center in Moalboal, Capintacillo and Mactan  islands have service providers.

2. Natural Park of Tubbataha reefs in Palawan

It is only in Philippines that such unique parks exist. This natural wonder of the world is a diver’s paradise. If you have an adventurous spirit then this is the place for you. With features including steep , perpendicular bottom walls, sandy lagoons and reef platforms for you to dive through, your experience will be exquisite .adorned with over 350 coral species,500 fish species and assorted marine life of mantas, whales and dolphins, this site stands on its own pedestal when it comes to beauty.

3. The Big Negros island

This island is the perfect scuba diving site for filmmakers and under water photographers. It is the fourth island in the region in terms of size and has large sprawls of white sandy beaches. It is a home for sea horses, eels; lionfish and wasp fish .it has two popular diving sites in the area are namely the Sipaly and Apo Island. Other places to checkout also include other resorts in Dauin, Zomboanguita, Cauyan and Siaton.

4. Habitable Donsol in Sorsogon

Home to large whales, sharks, manta rays and exotic marine line, Donsol is stunning scenery in all of Philippines. If you are scuba diver that is, keen on enjoying natural beauty, then Donsol s the place to visit. This is the mating site for whales and there is a possibility of seeing the longest whales in the world with some reaching up to 18 meters.

5. Coron Bay , The Deep Water Harbor in Palawan

Scuba divers have a 10-43 meters of deep clear water to dive through. In coron, you will get to experience the most interesting wonders of history. There are 12 sunken ships from world war two. They are still available and intact to this date. These vessels have formed homes to mysterious marine animals as well as corals, both soft and hard types.

Any scuba diver searching to create unforgettable memories while in Philippines should make a point of visiting the above sites. Having fun and maximum enjoyment is a guarantee. Do not miss all the fun and exciting experience. You are only going to be young once.


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