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8 Places To Visit in Kuala Lumpur

Posted by on Apr 24, 2015

Just like any other destination, there are those spots and places that you must visit when you visit Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Though it may seem like a small city, visitors often enjoy exploring this multicultural haven that features religious hotspots, famous iconic landmarks and even culturally enriching markets and temples along the streets. Some of the popular places you must consider visiting include: Petronas Twin Towers. These twin towers are considered the world’s largest twin tower buildings and are found in the city centre. These towers have earned a reputation and commonly hailed as the twin jewels of Kuala Lumpur. The towers are 88 storeys high with a sky bridge connecting them at the 41st and 42nd floors. Menara KL tower This tower stand atop the Bukit Nanas forest reserve and is 421 meters high. The tower has been recorded as the fifth tallest structure in the world. Though it has been outshone by the Petronas Towers, the Menara KL tower remains a very significant architectural marker of the city. It has a viewing deck that is about...

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Family Travel

Canada Cares: Youth Programs and the National Parks

Posted by on Oct 30, 2015

National parks are protected areas of stunning countryside that house a diverse mixture of flora and fauna. Canada currently has 37 national parks spread out over its 13 provinces with plans to add many more over the coming years. National parks are ideal places to take children whether for camping holidays or a short visit, and many parks offer games and activities that appeal to kids of all ages. Parks Canada has introduced a number of programs designed to get children interested in nature and encourage them to spend time in some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places the world has to offer. Learn to Camp Camping vacations are ideal ways to experience the great outdoors and teach children valuable skills that will last a lifetime. For families that have yet to experience the fun of a camping trip, Parks Canada offers camping lessons to help prepare children for their first outdoor adventures. Experienced guides are on hand to teach children how to put up a tent, how to cook outdoors and what equipment is necessary for a safe and enjoyable...

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Travel Tips

How to Travel West to East Like a Pro

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015

Whether you’re a travel amateur, a travel veteran, or an absolute gypsy–there are some things that all of us could benefit from when it comes to travel advice. No matter how you travel, you’ve no doubt been the victim of a blog or post that told you take something you never used….or you found something you forgot to pack that would have really come in handy. From bags to toiletries, types of clothes, practical shoes, and a shewee, below are some useful tips, hints and tricks to get your through any style journey you’re about to adventure on!    What To Pack In So many times you’ve heard what to pack, what not to pack and how to pack it, but in what? Unless you’re hiking Nepal, less is better. A great back-pack or rucksack can go a really long way. Learn how to military fold most clothes, and limit yourself to one style of shorts and pants, then pack five t-shirts. You’ll want to make sure your bag fits into the overhead compartment of the lowest economy flight in Europe–they’re...

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Only the Best

Backpacking Across Gozo And Malta

Posted by on May 23, 2015

I have gravely misjudged Malta. My picture of Malta has dependably been that of a bundle occasion end. An island packed with visitors searching for the heavenly trinity of sun, shabby lager and a sandy shoreline.Till this late spring, I had never felt that you could truly pander to free explorer voyagers. Other biased confusions? Being settled amidst the Mediterranean , I additionally had this thought of you being lavish and hard to reach.(Image by egonwegh) I am happy to report that this all so distant from reality. Malta is exceptionally available, plan neighborly and cooks well to both free explorers and also the individuals who still incline toward their occasions to be complete. This is a smaller than normal aide stuffed with fundamental tips of how you can knapsack in style crosswise over Malta and Gozo. When Is It Best To Visit Gozo And Malta? It is best to visit Malta and Gozo in April/May or September/October. Notwithstanding, as I blog about this, even in late November, temperatures are 22c which is very nearly spring like temperatures . So my...

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The Picture-Perfect Beaches of Bahamas

The Picture-Perfect Beaches of Bahamas

Sep 21, 2014

Every year, millions of tourists head to the picture-perfect beaches of Bahamas for a holiday retreat. Bahamas welcomes cruise ship visitors, Americans and all vacationers of different nationalities. What actually made Bahamas a hotspot among travelers are the natural attractions and a huge range of cultural and historical sites. Bahamas is not a cheap destination, just like any other islands in the Caribbean. I went to Bahamas without expecting anything cheap, but still, I tried to keep to my own maximum budget. Truth is, no matter how expensive a place is, if you do it right, you can still enjoy the trip as cheap as you do it. Cost of Accommodation and Food To find a cheap accommodation in Bahamas is pretty hard because lodging is expensive there. Hostels are hard to find but there are a number of guest houses with reasonable prices around Bahamas. Budget hotels can be found for USD75 per night with ensuite rooms. As for the food, I paid a meal of fish, dessert and side dish for USD8. However, most of the restaurants around Bahamas specialized in British and American meals which usually cost between USD17 to USD25 per plate of serving. And don’t ever be surprised if you need to pay 15% of the compulsory service charge on your bill. (image by : candia_maris) Cost of Transportation in Bahamas The cheapest travel option for those staying in Nassau or Freeport is by a minibus for about USD1.25 per ticket. However, this service usually stop at 6pm. Apart from that, the most popular way to get around is via the water-taxis, operating every hour, which cost USD6 for a return ticket to Paradise Island from Nassau. If you’re planning to travel between islands, the mail boats frequently run from Nassau to the other Islands with cost of each way about USD45. However, bear in mind, mail boats operate long-hour sometimes from 12 to 48 hours. They offer the least of modern conveniences needed. That is why I suggest for you take the inter-island flights especially the Bahamas Air. I didn’t break my bank even when I took these flights.   Activities and Tips On Money Saving Activities such...

Life Success Quotes Part II

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Inspirational Love Quotes Part II

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The Funkiest City in America : San Francisco

The Funkiest City in America : San Francisco

Sep 18, 2014

Let me sum it up for San Francisco. The city is vibrant with diversity of cultures, music and picturesque views of the surrounding. Almost everyone I had met said that they love San Francisco because it’s an eclectic place. I love the alternative lifestyles in the city where tons of college students and hippies are seen around a lot. This has to be one of the funkiest cities in America. Cost of Accommodation I didn’t stay in a hostel while I was traveling to San Francisco. I had a friend who is willing to let me stay at his house and I considered this as a way of couchsurfing. Althought it was not. Back to the story, I figured out that for most of hostel dorm rooms, the cost start at USD20 and go up to USD27. A private double room will cost USD80 per night though. Budget hotels in San Francisco have rates starting at USD60 and up to USD90 per night in a double room. However, if you really search around, you will be able to find cheap hotels in San Francisco. If you find it hard to do so, you can always try couchsurfing, house-sitting or even renting a cheaper accommodation like an apartment. (image by : University of Nottingham )   Cost of Food and Public Transportation What I loved the most about the city was the Chinese food. It tends to be a lot more inexpensive when compared to the other selections of food. San Francisco’s Chinese food is very good. Other than that, the city also offer a wide range of budget menus for its visitors. I didn’t spend a lot of money on food because most of the places I went to have moderate prices of meals. As for the public transportation in San Francisco, the SFMTA applies to historic streetcars, metros and buses. The cost of an adult pass is USD2. There are also other options of a one-day pass for USD14, three-day pass for USD22 and seven-day pass for USD28. I would really recommend for you to get any of these if you’re planning to do a lot of walking around and sightseeing since these...