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Living in Malaysia: Five Tips on Renting Your Ideal House

Posted by on Jan 16, 2017

Conventionally speaking, most people dislike the idea of renting a house over ownership. For one, renting is just a temporary stop along the process of owning a home. Nothing is more secure than having a house to live. This is what every homeowner dreams of: having a place that they can call their own. Recent changes in the perspective of homemakers paved way to renting a house as a more viable option for many especially when the real estate scene in Malaysia is looking at an incredible difficult trend to own a house. Also, according to iMoney, younger generations do not consider settling down on a permanent place just yet. They are still open to possibilities of transferring job or relocating to another area making renting more favorable compared to owning a new house. Over the past years, people in rural areas flock to highly urbanized areas for livelihood. The massive transfer of people causes congestion to urban cities like Kaula Lumpur. Despite being a huge city, land spaces may not be enough to address the demands for new homes. Renting...

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Canada Cares: Youth Programs and the National Parks

Posted by on Oct 30, 2015

National parks are protected areas of stunning countryside that house a diverse mixture of flora and fauna. Canada currently has 37 national parks spread out over its 13 provinces with plans to add many more over the coming years. National parks are ideal places to take children whether for camping holidays or a short visit, and many parks offer games and activities that appeal to kids of all ages. Parks Canada has introduced a number of programs designed to get children interested in nature and encourage them to spend time in some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places the world has to offer. Learn to Camp Camping vacations are ideal ways to experience the great outdoors and teach children valuable skills that will last a lifetime. For families that have yet to experience the fun of a camping trip, Parks Canada offers camping lessons to help prepare children for their first outdoor adventures. Experienced guides are on hand to teach children how to put up a tent, how to cook outdoors and what equipment is necessary for a safe and enjoyable...

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Few Tips to Save Money on your Flights

Posted by on Jun 25, 2016

Asia is indeed a continent that offers something for every person, from Thailand’s superb beaches to the temples of Hanoi and Beijing’s famous shopping districts you are rest assured to discover your ideal destination. Asia’s leading travel destinations offer an amazing experience of adventure, ancient culture, history, and a variety of incredible things to do in each destination. In addition the continent offers visitors affordable accommodation, food and flights making it a perfect holiday destination. Here is a list of a few tips to help you save money on your flights: 1. Book in reputable sites Booking your flight in reputable sites such as Traveloka is the first major step to see to it that you save money on your flights. The main advantage of these sites is that they have detailed search tools due to their experience in flight searches, which offer you an opportunity to concentrate your search on exactly those results that fit your criteria. In addition they help you search flexible dates and add close airports to increase your chances of getting pocket friendly costs. 2. Purchase...

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Backpacking Across Gozo And Malta

Posted by on May 23, 2015

I have gravely misjudged Malta. My picture of Malta has dependably been that of a bundle occasion end. An island packed with visitors searching for the heavenly trinity of sun, shabby lager and a sandy shoreline.Till this late spring, I had never felt that you could truly pander to free explorer voyagers. Other biased confusions? Being settled amidst the Mediterranean , I additionally had this thought of you being lavish and hard to reach.(Image by egonwegh) I am happy to report that this all so distant from reality. Malta is exceptionally available, plan neighborly and cooks well to both free explorers and also the individuals who still incline toward their occasions to be complete. This is a smaller than normal aide stuffed with fundamental tips of how you can knapsack in style crosswise over Malta and Gozo. When Is It Best To Visit Gozo And Malta? It is best to visit Malta and Gozo in April/May or September/October. Notwithstanding, as I blog about this, even in late November, temperatures are 22c which is very nearly spring like temperatures . So my...

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Benefits of Travelling as a Couple

Benefits of Travelling as a Couple

Oct 9, 2014

Often times we would feel disconnected or even distanced with our loved ones. Somehow we might feel detached even if we stay on the same house or even on the same room. Though we may not notice it, lack of intimacy and communication can sometimes leave our relationship to crumble and this is where traveling as a couple would come in. Listed below are the benefits of traveling as a couple and how traveling can mend and enhance relationships. It will give you time to talk things out We would sometimes get too pre-occupies that we would tend to disregard whatever ever misunderstandings we’ve had with our significant other, we may no longer  have time to talk things out and really understand what the issue was, but traveling as a couple can work wonders in terms of intimacy and communication. Take the time to talk thing out while you’re out of your busy schedule. Take time to listen to each other while you enjoy the scenery, go to the beach or take a trek on the mountains. By then you’ll be able to have quality time with each other. (image by : Rodrigo Vargas) It gives you the freedom to do thing your way Pressure and city life may take its toll most especially if you’re both working or living with your parents. Traveling however, can give you the freedom, the liberty to do things your way. You’ll get to decide where to go, what to do and what to eat without the extra cost of someone nagging behind your back to disapprove on whatever decision your making. You’ll get to have someone to share the bills with In terms of traveling, yes the more the merrier, yes you got it right,most especially when you’re eating or you can save a ton on accommodations simply because you’ll get to have someone to split the bills with. Someone can remind you regarding the things you are most likely to miss out Traveling can be mind boggling at times most especially when you’re new to the country you’re travelling to, so it’s always good to have a trustworthy companion that can remind you of the things...

A Twist of History and Culture: A Day in Bagota, Cambodia

A Twist of History and Culture: A Day in Bagota, Cambodia

Oct 6, 2014

Going on a nature trip can be relieving, but going on a trip on museum and different architectures can sometimes leave you speechless. Going on a trip to Bagota did give a taste of Columbian history and culture, those history classes what I once thought was boring struck me, Things are way more interesting once you’d get a feel of the architecture. A night in Bagota can be a night on luxury since its one of the cities where some of the most influential Columbian families resides. Listed below is a list of the most beautiful architectures and museums that you can visit while you’re within the area, and I’ll put in some of the best places to hit for a zest of night life too. Check out the Museums What’s Bagota without checking out the museums? This place has got a lot to offer from the Gold Museum down to the Maloka Museum that can leave you on a cultural state of shock. •    Gold Museum- known as the biggest gold museum in the world it has more that 50,000 (image By : Sebastian) Take a stroll on their parks and gardens Famous Architectures (image by : Seth Marrs ) __________________________________________ Related post :  The Story Of The Malaysian Art And Culture of Malaysia Feature image by :  Seth...

A Travellers Guide In Back Packing Your Way To Cambodia

A Travellers Guide In Back Packing Your Way To Cambodia

Oct 3, 2014

As we all know, Cambodia is one of the cheapest places to travel, most especially when you’re on a tight budget, but then again you gave to be very tricky and smart in terms of backpacking your way through this beautiful destination. Be prepared to get lost and try out their delicacies, you’ll be surprised with what you’ll eat. Be brave enough to go through wild terrains and muddy mountains, only then will you be able to appreciate the beauty of this land. Listed below are a few tips in backpacking your way through Cambodia. Stay in Hostels Staying in hostels or backpackers lounge is the best way to save and get your money’s worth, not to mention they’d have rooms for as low as $7/ night, yes it’s really cheap and clean too. You’d get to have your own bathroom and a fan with comfy mattresses and clean towels. Garden Village Guest House is one of the best places to stay; they have a light clean ambiance that gives you a good night sleep to prep you up for the next day. (image by : Grumbler %-|) Visit the Architectural Landscapes Cambodia is one of the best places to travel if you’re in for an architectural landscape tour, and yes they do have the best temples (so far) with amazing background stories and guides come in very cheap too. It’s best if you go with other groups, that way you’d get to split the Guide Fee amongst other tourists.  Or you can wander alone without a guide if you like, just bring a map with you (tried going around without a map, it took me more than an hour to find my way back. Check out the beach What’s an adventure in Cambodia without a dash of sunshine and sandy beaches? Yes you got me, needless to say, Cambodia is filled with beautiful hidden beaches in which you can just hang a hammock and feel safe, though a bit far from the city, the best beaches are about an hour or an hour and a half drive still they’d give you the peace that your soul longs for, not to mention they’re beaches...

Inspirational Wisdom Quotes Part II

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