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Make Norway Part of Stopover Trip

Make Norway Part of Stopover Trip

Sep 9, 2014

Due to its expensive costs, a lot of tourists skip Norway because the country is no budget destination. You will find it’s hard to save money in the country even if you’re the most frugal person person in the world, which is why most travelers would wait a little later until they’re able to afford Norway in their destination list. However, I must agree that Norway is amazingly beautiful and there’s no reason why you should wait until you’re older to visit the country.

Cost of Accommodation

Just like Singapore, Norway has pretty expensive cost of accommodation. Just a night in the hostel dorm alone had cost me USD37. The worst is when this rate can go up to USD55 per night. As for a private room with a single bed, the cost per night is about USD90. Budget hotels usually begin at around USD120 for a double room per night. Other options of accommodation include camping on a public lands if you have a tent, for free. You can also try finding some people on Couchsurfing site who are willing to open their houses for travelers on budget like us. (image by : University of Nottingham)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Cost of Accommodation Make Norway Part of Stopover Trip

Cost of Food

Eating out in Norway is quite expensive, even with simple fast food. They stary usually from USD10 and a decent, sit-down restaurant offer nice meals nearly topping USD35 or more for main course. Burger King and McDonald usually have meals about USD15. Other than that, there is also Norwegian-style cheap quick snack where I could easily got sausage or hot dog at the nearest convenience store for around USD4-USD6. Groceries shopping for a week’s worth of self-cooked food in Norway is about USD70. In order to keep cost down, I would suggest avoiding chicken fillets and fresh vegetables. They’re pretty expensive. I would say to save more money, do cook your own food.

Cost of Transportation

Trains running between cities around Norway usually depend on the time you buy the ticket and distance of the route to be taken. This usually between USD37-USD72 per journey. However, if you book the trains earlier, you can expect to have cheaper rates. For express buses connecting cities all over the country can cost you a ticket of around USD10, and up to USD36-USD100. This usually covers routes to most of the national parks in Norway as well. The Norwegian’s double-decker buses are modern and clean, complete with free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee. (image by: ntdietrich)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Cost of Transportation Make Norway Part of Stopover Trip

Cost of Activities

Popularity of seeing fjords in Norway is not to be taken lightly because if you want to witness the best of the country, you’ll need to do the multi-day tours which will cost you USD130 per day. I managed to secure a day tour to the fjords for about USD50, but this rate can go as high as USD80. The best part about Norway is the camping site which is free. I camped one night on the public land and it cost me nothing but my own food. As for the entrance to museums, they are usually USD10.

I love the beauty of the country and the wonderful people. Most of the locals speak fluent English and there is nothing like sailing around in the north around the fjords. If you can’t afford to stay for a week or so in Norway, I would definitely recommend making Norway a part of stopover trip to Sweden or some other nearby countries.

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Feature image by : Sylvia Okkerse