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Keeping Your Passwords and Data Safe When You Travel in Malaysia

Keeping Your Passwords and Data Safe When You Travel in Malaysia

Jan 2, 2015

These days, most people want and expect to be able to use their internet enabled devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets freely when they are traveling. As a result, most hotels, airports and places where travellers and vacationers go to eat and shop have Wi-Fi networks that can be accessed very easily, either completely freely by any device, or by using a password customers can obtain when they are served. Malaysia is no exception to this, so if you are planning a vacation or going traveling around the country, you should find that getting to a place where you can comfortably browse the web, upload your vacation photos and check up on your social networks is never too much of a struggle.

However, many people don’t realise that using public Wi-Fi hotspots and similar networks, such as those found in hotel complexes, is not as safe as it may appear from a data security perspective. This isn’t the fault of the network provider – in many cases it is necessary for these public networks to be unsecured so that people can properly use them – but it does mean that when you are browsing, you run the risk of your data and things like passwords being compromised.
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How to Browse Safely Wherever You Like on Your Malaysian Vacation

Adding a layer of security that will keep your passwords and data from being hacked when you use public networks is actually very simple. All you need to do is use a VPN service, which you activate as soon as you access the network. This takes just a few seconds once you have your VPN set up, and from the point of logging in to it onwards you are browsing safely. It is surprising, given how easy it is to use a VPN and how beneficial it can be, that so many people traveling to faraway places like Malaysia, where they will need to rely on public networks, don’t use them. This is largely because many people don’t realise how easily compromised their online security can be in this kind of situation, or that it is that easy to remedy!

Getting a VPN

Choosing a VPN, like any other tech service, does require a little bit of shopping around. There are loads of providers who can offer variations of the VPN service that are suited to different needs, so it pays to do some research and check out reviews by other users. If you are specifically looking for a good VPN to use in Malaysia, you can find some good comparisons and reviews of available services at

More and more travellers have their data compromised because of casually using hotel and public Wi-Fi, and this is actually something that is really easy to avoid. Check out VPNs and choose one to subscribe to before you head off to Malaysia. It can save a lot of trouble further down the line, and is an affordable and easy to use asset.

Image by karl Baron, Postcards from the Sky under CC License