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Interesting and fun Places in Japan

Interesting and fun Places in Japan

May 2, 2015

Visiting the right places in Japan can give you really interesting as well as fun experiences. Even the less famous place in Japan has a certain history or even folk tales that are interesting. Some of the popular places in Japan that are interesting as well as full of fun activities include:


This is one of the best cities in Japan for sightseeing. This is mainly due to the fact that Kyoto was Japans capital for years and is known to be full of history. This city has the greatest value of culture as well as history than any other place in Japan. One of the popular attractions in the city is the Kinkakuji which is a Zen temple whose structure is fully covered with gold leaf. It is located in a beautiful garden that overlooks the lake. There is also a Shinot shrine as well as the Kiyomizu temple. Arashiyama is also a popular place for tourist and is famous for strolling, biking as well as adventure in the serene bamboo forest.(Image by Patrick Kenawy)

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This city is well known for its buzzing nightlife as well as friendly people. The metropolis hub of Japan is also famous for fine dining and great shopping. A popular place in the city is the Universal Studios which has a rollercoaster and even simulators. Most of the rides in the Universal Studios are based on popular films and movies such as the Jurassic Park and Spiderman. The city also has the Kaiyukan Aquarium which has over 15 tanks with a wide array of sea life. It also has two huge whales that are interesting to watch especially during the feeding sessions.


This city is considered to be the first Japan’s capital that is full of historical sites. It is home to the Todaiji temple that has a 15 meter bronze Buddha, the largest in Japan. It is also considered to be the largest wooden building in the world. The temple is located in Nara Park which is famous for its thousands of deer roaming around the grounds. For those who believe in Shinto, the deer are said to be god’s messengers.


This is the second largest city in Japan and is popular with foreigners especially due to its Chinatown that is the largest in Japan. The colorful Chinatown has great cuisine and bustling streets. For beers lovers, the best place in the city is definitely the Kirin beer village which is also a great place for a tour. Other popular attractions in Yokohama include Zoorasia, Ramen Museum, Hakkejima as well as Cup Noodles Museum.(Image by Michael Zumpano)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Yokohama Interesting and fun Places in Japan


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Feature image by Ronald Woan