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How to Travel West to East Like a Pro

How to Travel West to East Like a Pro

Apr 22, 2015

Whether you’re a travel amateur, a travel veteran, or an absolute gypsy–there are some things that all of us could benefit from when it comes to travel advice. No matter how you travel, you’ve no doubt been the victim of a blog or post that told you take something you never used….or you found something you forgot to pack that would have really come in handy. From bags to toiletries, types of clothes, practical shoes, and a shewee, below are some useful tips, hints and tricks to get your through any style journey you’re about to adventure on! 


What To Pack In

So many times you’ve heard what to pack, what not to pack and how to pack it, but in what? Unless you’re hiking Nepal, less is better. A great back-pack or rucksack can go a really long way. Learn how to military fold most clothes, and limit yourself to one style of shorts and pants, then pack five t-shirts.

You’ll want to make sure your bag fits into the overhead compartment of the lowest economy flight in Europe–they’re pretty on the up and up with size standards. You never know what airline you might end up on during your journey, and better safe than sorry with checked baggage fees these days. A safe bet is a bag no bigger than: 55cm x 40cm x 20 cm. You can find killer deals for backpacks on sites like Finish Line and Sports Authority, or get creative and go super-durable with something from Home Depot.

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One of the worst things in the world is reading about covering up in Muslim countries, and packing for winter weather in 90°F heat. Not cool. Don’t be that guy. Most countries, while very religious, are pretty progressive. You can beat the heat and be modest. Stores like American Eagle and Forever 21 have super stylish gear for both outdoor days and nights out–that aren’t too revealing for countries in East Asia. What’s even more amazing–they have super sweet daily deals on Groupon for up to 90% off the retail price.


A great way to stay clean and keep your trip cheap is to pack things like travel sized toothpaste and deodorant before you leave for your epic adventure. Why? A lot of countries use different ingredients. Ones you might be allergic to, and no one wants hives under their arms from odd deodorant products. Then there is toothpaste flavors. You might like lemon flavored toothpaste that literally makes you want to gag because it has zero fluoride, if not–take simple comforts with you. Walgreens is a great place to get all your travel needs on the cheap, especially if you check out their Groupon Coupons as they have offers of up to 90% off your favorite branded goodies.

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Creative Ways to Pack

One of the most useful things to know is how to double up on items. For instance, when you visit a mosque women have to cover their shoulders. Use a bathing suit wrap. That way you can pack for a day on the beach and a day with the Buddhist Monks. Check stores like Nordstrom and Sears for cute wraps on the cheap. Oh, and that shewee I mentioned will come in super handy for the ladies when you need a toilet on the go–or are unsure of the porta-potty at your favorite festival. Those are available at most camping supply stores.

Another quick save from spending extra money on day trips–pack swim shoes. Something with a durable rubber sole and breathable top is great for avoiding creatures in Amazonian waterfalls and scuba diving off the coast. Tour companies charge extra for flippers and you will need them to avoid coral and stinging fish that will put you in the hospital. Stores like Sports Authority have you covered here, and offer Groupon savings and coupon codes for 50-90% off the retail price, too!


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