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How to Save Money for Traveling to the Rest of the World

How to Save Money for Traveling to the Rest of the World

Jan 1, 2014

Travelling costs money and coming up with hundreds of dollars at a go can be a daunting experience. However this does not mean you can’t move out of your country and see the world even if you have a low income. With determination, creativity and sacrifice nothing will deter you from finding the funds to travel to your dream destinations. This is putting into consideration that there are many places you can actually travel and spend forty to thirty dollars a day and a maximum of $ 500 and still have a moments worth to remember. Here four are best some ideas to actually help you save for the trip.

Supplement your income

Find another well paying job to get you extra dollars. Participate on online surveys, freelancing jobs or even online marketing, each month you will get yourself making more and saving more. Participate in focus groups that will help you earn that extra coin

Do away with your car for a while

The car is a good pocket drainer, saving some money can be a whittling task as the car always wants some more, take a bus, walk, ride on a bike or let your friends drop you to work so as to reduce the cost. Invest on zip car or I-Go car sharing programs for more returns. These programs basically charge little fees ranging from 0 to $30 per month and a $7 hourly charge. If you use it for like 11 hours a month that’s approximately $77 or less, chances are this amount is lesser compared to what you spend on car parking, insurance, and fuel. Doing away with one car can see you earn from $60 to $300 a month. Reducing the amount of driving hours will also see you save up to $30 a month.

Cut or reduce water, power or gas bills.

Some home appliances still consume up to 40% of energy even when turned off! Reduce your bill utilities by manually unplugging appliances that are not in use. Take shorter showers and always remember to turn off appliances that are easily forgotten like the faucets after you brush your teeth. Instead of blow drying your hair let it air dry, run dishwashers and laundry machines only when full, do this for several months and notice the difference in electricity bills. If possible cut out central air and heat sets or regulate them to milder degrees. Going one degree lower sees you save 5 % in monthly bill.

Reduce debts

Mortgage loans and other debts can be overwhelming especially when you are tried to come up with little savings. Learn to live on your budget. Avoid bank over drafts and other miscellaneous activities that will keep someone always on your back waiting for your hard earned coins. Formulate a working plan and do your best to stick to it, focus on saving rather than spending if possible be the lender and not the debtor but take caution before lending as it can result to more frustrations in a case you are not paid in good time. Lending good people is a good way of making a saving.

Irrespective of your financial situation, tighten your belt and make some small amendments in your way of life and see yourself save enough money to treat you during your travel. Set both long and short term goals and achieve them gradually, you can make it so long as you have a willing and a passionate heart.


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