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How To Live Slowly In Spain?

How To Live Slowly In Spain?

Sep 3, 2014

If you want experience the slow kind of lifestyle which runs until late, Spain is the best place for you. Most of travelers might get frustrated at the seemingly slow pace of life and limited store hours. But in a Spanish (even Italian) perspective, moving slowly in life, eat well, enjoy oneself and relaxing all day long, is what life is all about. This is why the country has so much character. Spain is a dynamic, interesting and obviously a beautiful country. I love Madrid and Barcelona for its energies, and Granada with the touch of Moorish.

Cost of Accommodation

When compared to any other Western European countries, Spain has pretty cheap of accommodation. I paid about USD12 per night for a dorm bed in a hostel. This rate, however, can go quite high in major cities like Madrid and Barcelona, depending on the locations. If you’re looking for a private room in a hostel, the rate starts at about USD45 per night for a double room. As for the budget hotels, the rate usually start at the same price as the private double room of a hostel and it can go up from there. In smaller towns, accommodation can be found for lesser rates. (image by : Serge Babineau )

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Cost of Food

Sandwiches and tapas can be found for cheaper prices at about USD4-USD8. A meal complete with wine included will cost you around USD12-USD14. As for a decent restaurant, a nice meal will set you back about USD15 per serving. Other than that, I’ve tried going out for drinks, appetizers, Paella etc., then standard about USD25 per meal is what you should be expecting to pay. Spain has a lot of expensive meals and restaurants where they usually begin at USD30, with a beverage. McDonalds and Maoz usually cost at about USD7. If you’re planning to cook, cost of groceries shopping will be at about USD35 per week, especially if you stick to local markets around Spain.

Cost of Transportation and Activities

For each trip of bus and city cetro lines, it will cost USD2-USD3. High speed trains had cost me around USD60-USD15O, depending on the popularity and distance of the route is. As for the regional trains with slower speed, the cost per trip is between USD20-USD50. The cheapest inter-city option for overnight buses usually cost around USD20. As for the attractions and museums in the country, the admission fees are usually between USD3-USD15. If you enjoy diving, each dive on the islands cost about USD50. Activities in Spain are relatively average-priced, when compared to other Western European countries. (image by : Pedro Ribeiro Simões )
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The next time you go to Spain, I would definitely recommend visiting the beautiful north part of Spain, especially the Basque Country. Don’t forget the great port town of Valencia which is famous for the festival of throwing tomato in August. Take a quick jaunt to Ibiza and even the Canary Islands. Spain is definitely a wonderful and lovely country. And unlike any other countries in the Western Europe, Spain is a lot kinder to budget travelers like us.


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