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Honeymoon Vacation In Malaysia

Honeymoon Vacation In Malaysia

Jan 25, 2014

Traveling to beautiful places is a great thing to do as newlyweds. You get to relax after a time of working to save up and planning for your wedding. You also get to know your other half better by being free to get intimate as you both explore a new and exotic land as well as each other. Malaysia is famous for its amazingly modern-engineered landscapes and cities, its vacation spots, and tourist attractions; combined with its preserved cultures, traditions, wildlife and cuisine, these and many more are what make it a reason to be chosen as the perfect romantic honeymoon getaway destination.

Enjoy the luxurious hotel you are staying in as much as you can

This is your time to sleep around especially on your day of arrival. Malaysian hotels and resorts look so fancy you would not expect a lot of them to be in your budget range. Do everything as a couple; slack off with your love, order room service, take massages and showers together, swim in the pool/beach and never include your work during your honeymoon.

Explore the busy city of Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - busy city of Kuala Lumpur Vacation In Malaysia
Now that you have recharged from relaxing at the hotel, head out to the city. There are so many buildings and parks to check out. Visit museums, temples and taste their traditional cuisine; feel the culture of Malaysia in your experience; go to famous parts of the city like Little India, Chinatown and Bukit Bintang.(image by Khalzuri Yazid).

Go wild and free at Taman Negara – National Park

Visiting this old tropical rainforest will make you feel like you have travelled to the far past. Besides exploring on your feet and looking for hides, you can even fish, take a boat ride, explore the rainforest at night, take selfies with wildlife and more.

Time travel to old cities

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Melaka Vacation In Malaysia
There are old cities in Malaysia preserved other the years; one of these famous cities is Melaka with its unmoved relics. Another old city is Penang with a preserved traditional cuisine, and also, Kuching where any kind of cat is loved deeply.(image by Jothmen).

Take the climb on Mount Kinabalu in East Malaysia

This kind of adventure will make you sweat. Mount Kinabalu’s elevation is 4,095 meters high, which makes it exciting if you like to do climbing. You will get to the top eventually and in for a hot treat. The poring hot springs is the next thing to do after a climb, so get ready to soak.

Get in touch with your inner animal and soft side

Seeing soft and adorable creatures like orangutans and turtles gives off a warm feeling. Turtle Island is a place where you can actually see turtles laying eggs and at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre is where to have a lovely time with the orangutans.

You will have the time of your life in this wonderful honeymoon vacation getaway in the prized country that is Malaysia. You have probably heard from so many people how this place is worth it travelling for. This is an ultimate treat to all your senses and coming home from it will definitely make you think of planning to go again with your future kids.


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