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For the Love of Adventure: Travel While You Can

For the Love of Adventure: Travel While You Can

Nov 10, 2014

Often times we’d get too caught up with our jobs that we barely take time to listen to our heart, our body and most importantly our soul. We tend to put them aside that the inner voice would start to quiver and eventually fade, leaving us with this robotic shell that has lost its spark, everyday would become a routine without meaning, and one day, when we’d look back, we’ll start asking on what really happened, that’ll be the day, when we’d no longer have the chance to get up on our feet and explore the worlds beauty. Listed below are a couple of reasons on why we should travel while we still have the change.

You’re not getting any younger

YES! You read that right, we’re not getting any younger, which means our body isn’t getting any stronger, we can no longer do things like out 20’s when we’ve reached the age of 50! We can no longer hike the tallest mountains or go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reefs, there would already be limitations on what we can and cannot do, we would no longer be as versatile as we once were, and everything would be left with what ifs and what could haves.  (image by : Alan English CPA)
Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  You’re not getting any younger For the Love of Adventure Travel While You Can

The opportunity to travel does not come very often

When you’re trapped in the concrete jungle, you’d barely get a chance to go on a vacation, which simply means 3-5 days of would be a privilege, so go ahead, work your heart out for the next 2-3 months and save up for something big. A good 5 days off to somewhere you’d never been to is definitely worth the hard work. The opportunity does not come very often, which would make adventure time a little hard to achieve for you, so once you’re leave would be approved, pack your things and free your mind, you’ll never know how refreshing it is once you’d hit the beach or the mountains

We need to breathe

Getting trapped in the office almost 24/7 can be so suffocating (trust me, I work 6 days a week for 9 hours a day) and yes, it can be very stressful, you’ll get too caught up with work that sometimes, you’d with you can feel the sun on your skin and the urge to climb on the mountains and get a whiff of fresh air. That urge to go through the top most part of the world and scream your lungs out, to leave the 4 walls of the office and clear your thoughts, and you can only find this peace if you’re bold enough to wander and allow yourself to travel. Give yourself a time to travel while you still can, before everything would turn into what ifs and what could haves. (image by : Lauren Randolph)
Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  We need to breathe For the Love of Adventure Travel While You Can

It’s never hard to fall in love with adventure and traveling, if its you’re first time to do so, I’m more that sure that’s more than enough to awaked your sleeping soul for wanderlust who knows, you might be planning you’re next trip the moment you’re done reading this article.


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Feature image by : Thompson Rivers University