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Fantastic Island Views In Vanuatu

Fantastic Island Views In Vanuatu

Nov 20, 2014

There are 83 islands making up the archipelago of Vanuatu which, I must say, offer fantastic island views. Other than that, Vanuatu boasts the unforgettable Pacific hospitality, beautiful rainforests, landscapes and great diving activities with lots of fish. When being compared to other Pacific Islands which tend to be expensive, Vanuatu is actually a lot more cheaper since it is not yet a “hotspot” for tourists. Some of the places to visit include the Mele Cascades, Port Villa, Chief Roi Mata’s Domain, Hideaway Island Marine Reserve, Mystery Island and the Vanuatu Jungle Zipline.

Accommodation and Food

There are a lot of budget hotels around Vanuatu and I was not quite surprised to know that Vanuatu does not have a lot of hostels around. I paid USD40 for a doubke room but the range can raise until USD60. Shop around for the best price and best service before you settle in. That always work out for me. As for the food, casual local meals and lunch had cost me about USD15 per serving but this could get to USD40 if I would spend on a nice hotel dinner. The food vary accordingly though just like any other places. (image by: carawah)

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Transportation and Activities

There are public transportation in Vanuatu, so you don’t have to worry about it. For each way on bus, the ticket would cost me about USD1.50. When I went to Hideaway Island, I was told that there were free ferry rides to a few islands. I took advantage of the free ferry rides to Hideaway Island and saved on my budget. In Port Villa, the taxis can cost slightly higher than the bus ride. So unless you need to take a taxi ride, do avoid this if you don’t feel like paying more. Activities in Vanuatu are relatively priced. For USD28, I went for snorkeling for a day and the admission to the Cascade waterfalls was about USD22.

Tips On Money Saving

First, when you arrive in Port Villa, do exchange your money because it often have bette rate than anywhere else around Vanuatu. Then, if you’re planning to see the Cascades, I would definitely recommend taking the bus for just USD4.50 per ride. The entrance price is just USD22, as I mentioned above previously. Yes, this will help you to save a lot. Even though hostels are hard to find around Vanuatu, it doesn’t mean you need to spend money on huge resorts. These resorts tend to overpriced everything because their goal is to earn from tourists. For a fraction of the cost in a big resort, I still got the chance to get pampered at a local budget hotel.  (image by : 401(K) 2012)
Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tips On Money Saving Fantastic Island Views In Vanuatu

The best time to visit Vanuatu archipelago is between April and October. Activities include, but not limited to, boating with rented sailboat and kayak and go parasailing, paddle boarding or even kitesurfing. My favorite pastime while in Vanuatu was probably fishing where I got the chance to share the experience with the locals catching Dorado, Wahoo, marlin and swordfish; which are all not cheap at all! Just because most travelers don’t come here, does not mean Vanuatu isn’t extraordinary. As a matter of fact, it is a paradise because there are just a few people coming to visit.


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Feature image by : Tom Pfeiffer