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Falling in-love with a Place Down South: Columbia

Falling in-love with a Place Down South: Columbia

Oct 12, 2014

Every adventure is different, not one experience is the same, but then again; there are those countries or cities that I’d easily fall in-love with, and the dreadful day of packing my things and saying good bye would eventually take its toll. I went down south once, and there I fell in-love with a city, the City of Columbia, where the food is remarkably tasty and cheap, and not to mention the adventures I’d randomly come across each and every day. Listed below is a list of things that made me want to stay–a little longer than I originally planned.

You can easily go from one location to another

It’s easy to transfer from one location to another since Columbia has 2-3 major bus stops that does trips almost 24 /7 not only that everything is accessible, from coffee shops, pharmacies and ATM’s everything is just around the corner and most of them are on 24hour operations too, which makes it comforting to know that you can always run to the nearest shops and get what you need anytime of the day.


One of the activities I’d enjoy most when traveling is EATING! I love how different flavors would make me smile and satisfied and yes, Columbia has got one of the best street foods. While strolling around the area during sunset, I would usually sit around one of the food stalls and enjoy my meal. Columbia’s Empanada is simply delicious, it’s a mixture of cornmeal stuffed with beans, potato, carrots and other spices then deep fried or baked into perfection.  It’s been my comfort food since day 1. Aside from Empanada, what really amazed me is their selection of fresh fruits that can be found EVERYWHERE, yes you can get the freshest, ripest tropical fruit all over the place, not to mention they’re really cheap too. (image by : Heidi G )

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -   Food Falling in-love with a Place Down South Columbia
Cheap Accommodations

Now who would have thought that you can actually spend a night in Columbia for only $4 – $15? Yes, they’re that cheap, not to mentions their rooms are really clean too which amazed me, who would have thought that you could get both comfort and relaxation at a very cheap rate? And their room service is superb. If you’re within Cartagena, look around their down town areas and you’ll be surprise on how beautiful and cheap the architecture is.

Breath Taking Views

What’s an adventure without a long walk along the country side or a hike up the mountains? Columbia has got a lot to offer for nature lovers for they still have lush trees and fresh air, take a hike up the mountains of Tayrona and enjoy the breath taking view that would leave you speechless. (image by : Steve)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -   Breath Taking Views Falling in-love with a Place Down South Columbia
And these are just a couple of reasons on why I fell in-inlove with the place; I can go one forever in terms of writing on how beautiful this country is. Book your flight to Columbia, and be amazed on what this place has got to offer.


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Feature image by : Zack Lee

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