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Exciting Gulet Cruises For Vacationers

Exciting Gulet Cruises For Vacationers

May 14, 2015

Gulets were originally used in the Southwestern coast of turkey. Gulets are traditional sailing vessels that were made from wood. The vessels are small in size and have today become popular with tourists who love cruising to their various destinations and attractions. . Currently, there are many places around the globe where you can enjoy Gulet cruise holidays as you visit your favorite places. These vessels have been modernized to include amenities and facilities that are essential for the perfect cruise.

They have also been modernized to include essential navigational tools and engines to provide power and speed conveniently, just as the bigger cruise ships. Compared to cruise ships, the gullets are smaller and come with several other benefits. Most Gulet charters around the world have introduced experienced sailors in addition to the highly qualified crew aboard the Gulets. The boats are checked thoroughly to ensure that they are safe for cruises. They undergo regular maintenance check up. These Gulets vessels are available in different sizes so as to suit the different numbers of holidaying groups. You will find the right size of Gulet suitable for family cruise or even honeymoon cruises.(Image by pbrenko)

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Benefits of Gulets

One of the main advantages of taking Gulet tours instead of cruise liners is that they offer exceptional privacy. The vessels are small hence when on your Gulets holiday; expect to find few people on board. Cruise ships can take thousands of holidaymakers and privacy will not be to its best on them. You will enjoy your privacy when there are less people on board these small vessels which can only take a few people. There are some Gulets which you can take all by yourself or with your friends or family. The Gulet cruises also have a complete crew that includes captains and cooks as well as other members who assist you in various areas as you cruise, such as cleaners. The accommodation in most Gulets is en-suite and many also features open seating dining areas besides other facilities such as cuisines, restaurants and bars. There are also a number of onboard activities that you can never afford to miss while you are on board these Gulets. The activities vary from one Gulet to another but the most common activities include snorkeling, water skiing and even fishing.


Depending on the sizes of these sailing boats, they are capable of accommodating around 6 to 16 visitors. There are specific Gulet charters that are small in size and targets small groups such as a family or a group of friends. For those couples and individuals seeking adventure and privacy at the same time, the ideal selection is the cabin charters. . Some Gulets can have up to 8 cabins with each of them featuring amenities and facilities such as clothes cabinets and en-suit shower rooms. They cabins are well maintained and some Gulet charters have even put up world class settings to some of their Gulets.(Image by DyslexicMot)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Accommodation Exciting Gulet Cruises for vacationers

Gulets cruising have become popular with travelers and tourists due to the various benefits that the Gulets have over cruise ships. Make sure that you check you destinations to know if the Gulets are available and even get to known the different attractions they can take you to.


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