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Dracula Country Called Romania

Dracula Country Called Romania

Nov 15, 2014

The most ridiculous I had ever heard of while planning my trip to Romania was when someone told me that Dracula could be found in that country. I went there, half-expecting it was true but I came back with disappointment. No, Dracula doesn’t exist in Romania’s tourism. But if you’re looking for beautiful countryside, wonderful people, stunning architecture and the delicious food, Romania can give all of these.

Accommodation and Food

For a night in a hostel dorm, I paid USD8 but the range can go up until USD10 per night. If you’re looking for a private double room, the range is between USD35-USD40 for each night. As for the hotel, the cost is about USD40 for a double room in a cheap, 2-star hotel. Yes, food is relatively cheap in the country with most of my small meals cost me about USD5 per serving. However, in major tourist cities like Sighisoara or Brasov, restaurants would charge about USD25 for meals with drinks. I didn’t cook during my stay but some of the travelers I met had claimed that groceries cost them about USD40 per week. (image by : Sofica )

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Transportation and Activities

A single journey ticket on city buses or trains cost me about USD1 and USD10 per ride was the cost I paid for intercity trains and buses. A second-class ticket is rarely higher than USD20. Most places of attractions and museums would cost me between USD5-USD10. I didn’t spend a lot of money in Romania, not because I was being cheap. But it was because the country itself was cheap enough for budget traveler like me. Apart from tips on couchsurfing, cooking your own food and eating local meal, I don’t really have any other tricks to share on how to save your budget. Because traveling to Romania don’t really need you to spend a lot of money.

What Did I Do In Romania?

Well, one of the first things I did when I arrived in Romania was wandering through Alexandru Borza Botanic Gardens which is situated in Cluj Napoca. It features Japanese garden, a rose garden, an observation tower and even rolling green hills. Secondly, I went to get a cultural immersion in Maramures. I learnt more aboyt the colorful textiles, wooden structures which are all handmade and even enjoying the traditional music of Romanian. Hiking Mount Tampa, visiting the famous Patriarchal Cathedral of Romania and watching the Northern Doborgea’s exotic birds and wildlife were also among the activities I did in Romania. I would also recommend exploring Bucharest and trekking the Fagaras Mountains. There is no dracula in Romania but if you truly want to hunt for a dracula, I would say go to Sighisoara. This well-preserved town was founded back in the 12th century and it remains as one of the most beautiful heritage sites in the world. I love seeing the cobbled streets, burgher houses and ornate churches, and also the towers. The Dracula, Vlad Tepes, was born here. (image by: SBA73)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - What Did I Do In Romania Dracula Country Called Romania

I love the picturesque farmland, wonderful castles and medieval cities. Romania is definitely a country worth a visit since there aren’t a lot of people around unlike the busy New York City, London and Tokyo. Yes, I would definitely come back to Romania. But not to hunt on Dracula though.


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Feature image by : Camil Ghircoias