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Canada Cares: Youth Programs and the National Parks

Canada Cares: Youth Programs and the National Parks

Oct 30, 2015

National parks are protected areas of stunning countryside that house a diverse mixture of flora and fauna. Canada currently has 37 national parks spread out over its 13 provinces with plans to add many more over the coming years. National parks are ideal places to take children whether for camping holidays or a short visit, and many parks offer games and activities that appeal to kids of all ages. Parks Canada has introduced a number of programs designed to get children interested in nature and encourage them to spend time in some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places the world has to offer.

Learn to Camp

Camping vacations are ideal ways to experience the great outdoors and teach children valuable skills that will last a lifetime. For families that have yet to experience the fun of a camping trip, Parks Canada offers camping lessons to help prepare children for their first outdoor adventures. Experienced guides are on hand to teach children how to put up a tent, how to cook outdoors and what equipment is necessary for a safe and enjoyable camping trip. Camping is only allowed in designated areas of national parks, and it is advisable to check with Parks Canada to see which parks offer camping amenities.

My Parks Pass

The My Parks Pass is a fantastic scheme that gives children currently in Grade 8 free entry to all national parks for a year whether they visit with their family or as part of a school trip. The scheme also gives students the opportunity to win an all-expenses paid trip to a national park, historic site, or marine conservation area for their entire class. Parents of grade 8 pupils can order a My Parks Pass online from the main website. Off-roading is one of the best ways to explore everything that Canada’s national parks have to offer, and a Atlantic Dodge dealer can offer some excellent deals on four-wheel drive vehicles.

Heritage Chocolate

What better way to get kids interested in the outdoors than by offering them chocolate? Heritage chocolate events are held at various historic sites and are designed to teach children about the role chocolate production has played in Canada’s history. Kids will get the chance to taste an authentic 18th century chocolate recipe and even try their hand at chocolate making.

Youth Ambassadors

The Parks Canada Youth Ambassador Program seeks out two enthusiastic young people to encourage and inspire other kids to visit Canada’s national parks. The program was developed in 2011 to mark the ten-year anniversary of Park’s Canada. As ambassadors, two lucky children will spend the summer of a lifetime hiking through breathtaking mountain terrain, kayaking through clear blue rivers and exploring the backroads of Canada on an ATV. Each ambassador will document their outdoor adventures, so other children can see what exciting activities await them at each national park.

National parks are ideal destinations for family camping holidays and offer a whole host of fun activities to keep kids entertained. Many parks offer nature walks, guided hiking tours, fishing and ATV trails. Visitors to national parks during winter can take part in exciting winter sports such as skiing, ice-skating and tobogganing. Be sure to check the Parks Canada website to see what activities are available at your chosen location.

Lydia Smith works as a community youth worker. She enjoys sharing her insights online and has already posted her thoughts on a variety of Canadian travel blogs.