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Budget Accommodation options To stay in Malaysia

Budget Accommodation options To stay in Malaysia

Feb 3, 2014

Malaysia is one of the main destinations visited by both tourists and businesspersons in South East Asia. This is due to its unique cultural experience a person can enjoy as well as Malaysia being one of the most industrialized nations in the region and a financial hub. Malaysia is a multicultural nation with native Malays being only 55% of the population with large Chinese, Indian and native tribe minorities.

A visitor to the nation may have an opportunity to participate in the large number of Islamic, Chinese, and Indian festivals that take place in the nation. Due to Malaysia being a prime tourist destination for both business and pleasure, there is a wide range of accommodations available for all kinds of travelers ranging from the high-end tourists who expect five star accommodations to budget travelers who have limited cash to spend. They range from hostels, guesthouses, dorms, private rooms and apartments that can be budget, mid range, or luxury.

The pricing of accommodation varies with the type of accommodation and the region where the accommodation is located. Guest homes, dorms, and hostels are much cheaper than the hotels, private rooms, and apartments. At the same, accommodation is more expensive on the peninsula’s west coast, the cities and the islands than on the east coast and on the island of Borneo.

Hostels and Guest Rooms

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Hostels are often combined with guest rooms in Malaysia and are by far the most common form of accommodation in the cities especially in Kuala Lumpur and Penang and the most affordable aside from dorms. Most Hostels in Kuala Lumpur cost between $10 and $17 a night while in Penang they can go to as low as $7 a night. On Borneo, Hostels range from $7-$15 though they are not as common as they are in the cities.(image by Four Points and Resorts).


Dorms are also more common in, around major tourist sites, and in the cities and are very rare on the islands and on Borneo. The pricing is similar to guest rooms though in Kuala Lumpur, dorms are generally cheaper with price starting from $6. Dorms that are more spacious go for up to $20 a night.

Private Rooms

Private rooms are found more commonly in the rural areas such as the Cameron Highlands and towns like Georgetown and some of the islands. Most private rooms are usually quite expensive though it is quite possible to find some in that cost around $15 a night for a single room in the highlands and $20 in the cities. Double rooms cost around $ 30 a night.

Budget Hotels

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Budget Hotels Malaysia
There is a large number of budget hotels all over Malaysia and this is the most uniformly distributed form of accommodation in the country as they are found all over from the cities to the islands to Borneo and the sparsely populated east coast of the peninsular . The prices are quite standard though even for budget hotels, the price ranges from how popular the tourist sites nearby are. Generally, in Kuala Lumpur and the islands, the cheapest budget hotels go for $25 a night. This price seems to apply to all cities across Malaysia. The Cameron Highlands also have a similar price range with the cheapest starting at $20 a night. On the East coast however, there are budget hotels that cost as low as $14 a night.

While traveling in Malaysia, it would be wise for a visitor to take advantage of the accommodation mix to save more money without compromising on quality. One can take advantage of the low price per night of Guesthouses while visiting the more popular and crowded sites then stay at a hotel while visiting the less visited sites as the hotels also offer much better quality services in these regions.


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