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Best Places to Visit in Croatia

Best Places to Visit in Croatia

Jan 5, 2014

Croatia is located in Balkans and is quickly becoming one of Europe’s top destination sites. Being in Europe, the city boasts of major historical ruins and medieval cities besides other striking natural attractions like the great Plitvice lakes, gorgeous islands and the impressive Adriatic coastline. Below are some of the top places to visit in Croatia.

Krka National park

This great national park is located in Central Dalmatia is rich in historic sites, wildlife and other spectacular natural sceneries. Krka Rivers blue green waters runs through the park and enhancing its beauty with its peak being at the gushing waterfalls and clear natural pools. The park is a property of the state and some little charges are incurred as you enter the protected area.


Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia is well known as an energetic metropolis that speaks volumes from its rich modern and also historic attractions. The city was first established in 2nd century AD and acted as a diocese, today it’s a cosmopolitan city that’s hubs the Croatian culture, it’s also an administration and academic center.


Korcula is an island located 50 kilometers off the Adriatic coast; it’s also the so-called birth place of Marco Polo a famous merchant traveler. Korcula town, the island main town, is considered as a national heritage because of its rich history symbolized by the Venetian Renaissance architect and colorful markets. You don’t have to worry as there are plenty of tourist conveniences.


Zadar is one of the few cities in Croatia that are over three thousand years old. It’s specifically located on the northern Dalmatian coast, it’s one of the tourist getaways as it has plenty to do, see and hear amid the crowds of other tourist destinations. Some of its rich historic attractions include the medieval architecture, roman ruins and numerous aged churches.


Rovinj, an archipelago of twenty islands is located on Istrian Peninsula by the shores of Adriatic Sea. It’s one of the oldest towns with great sightseeing activities like the narrow cobblestones, arches and stairways. Medieval city gates, St. Euphemias Basilica and the imposing baroque church are some of the greatest historic gems that will stun you as they symbolize mastery of art work.


Also known as the Mediterranean flower, Split is the second largest city in Croatia, its located off the Dalmatian coast. The Diocletian palace also known as gothic renaissance architecture is the city’s main attraction sight. It also acts as the crown of jewel. The complex roman palace dates back to 305 AD and can be presumed as an ultra city. It has unique mazes of marble walkways besides other buildings that house cafes shops and bars.

The Plitvice lakes

Located in Plitvice national park, the lakes are one of the most gorgeous natural wonder of Europe. The park most prominent feature is the sixteen interconnected lakes that are divided by lower and upper clusters. The lakes were formed by the natural travertine dams and have unique and distinct blue, gray and green colors.

You may consider to travel to Croatia to see these beautiful and other places, remember to book for your accommodation and flights on time so as to avoid hassles. There are many hotels which offer online booking services that guarantee you affordable and convenient stay.


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    I do find Croatia an interesting country and would love to visit your place one day. I am living in the Philippines now but would like to know if you are familiar with some best holiday deals going there? Many thanks!


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