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All You Need to Know about Student Visa to Europe

All You Need to Know about Student Visa to Europe

Jan 9, 2014

Before you leave to go and study in Europe there are some certain basic requirements that you must fulfill, but this doesn’t mean that it will cost you a fortune, don’t be discouraged, most of these requirements are however easy to meet. Here are is everything you need to know about student’s visa to Europe.

The first of all requirements is you must have completed and graduated from a school and qualified with some good grades that can help you to pursue your education further. You also ought to legalize your stay in Europe for the entire period you will take to study; thirdly you must meet your own health and safety precautions. Lastly if you are to undertake some language courses, you ought to submit a certificate that confirms your knowledge of the language at a proficient level.


In order for you to live in Europe, you must have completed at least second level education, a certificate is thus important as it confirms your eligibility to study in a tertiary college or university. If you passed European Baccalaureate or international Baccalaureate exams you are good to go, go ahead and apply. Another equivalent qualification from your mother country needs to be at least recognized by the diplomatic outposts or any other appropriate institution. Legalization in this case implies that the certificate certifies and is in compliance with the law of the country that the certificate was issued in. From there you need to undergo nostrification process where in this case means that the degree has to be verified by the respective country you intend to be in Europe. For post graduate studies, you have to present an undergraduate diploma o degree from any European institution or a foreign diploma from an overseas equivalent institution that recognized by the world. You are also obliged to present your diploma for nostrification by the end of the first semester. (image by YsMediaInitiatives).

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Student visa

Most European countries offer help to their students in visa application process, however the procedures actually vary depending on the county you are coming from. However some requirements remain the same for most countries, these include a correct filled visa application form, these include a valid passport, official school acceptance from the institution in Europe and a brief CV, your previous or last schools certificates, an evidence of proficiency test for those going to undertake language, a health insurance and a photo of yourself.

Stay permit

You need to legalize your stay in the foreign country you have travelled to,  members of european union, EU citizens, who would like to extend their stay have to register their stay in the country. Non EU citizens have to obtain a consulate from their home country before they arrive in europe, if you are already in europe, you have to apply for a temporsary styay card which must be done 45 days before your visa expires.

Health and Security

Very important to note, you must obtain a doctors certificate that confirms you can freely undertake the study of your choice. You are also required to hold and insurance policy that will cover you in case of illness or accidents.

Enroll and learn in any country of your choice in Europe, you just have to comply with these terms to ensure you sail smoothly in the whole application process. If you fail to meet the requirements, fulfill them and retry again, the sky is the limit.


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