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Affordable Travel in the Fascinating London

Affordable Travel in the Fascinating London

Aug 26, 2014

London is a fascinating city and many people who live within easily traveling distance will have fond memories of family days out in the city. If you’ve never had a long weekend in London though, it’s well worth considering booking a break, as this is the best way to enjoy the theatre and all the nightlife that this lively city has to offer. Even if you think you’re familiar with London, there are some tips worth bearing in mind when planning a stay of a night or more.

Be prepared

Many people think of holiday insurance as something that’s only needed when you go abroad. In reality, you are just as likely to face an issue that means you need to cancel your holiday even if you’re planning a “staycation”. It’s easy to forget about insurance because it isn’t often offered a part of a package deal when booking a London break, but make sure you get some cover to help with costs if anything goes wrong.(Image bv PKJones)

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Because London is such a large city with so many things to do, it is well worth planning your activities in advance to make sure you can do everything you want. Sit down with your travelling companions and list everything you would like to see and do, and place it into a schedule for the time you are there. It’s well worth booking all of your train tickets in advance too and printing out a few key maps of the areas you will be going.

Location, location, location

Accommodation in London is notoriously expensive and the closer you are to the city centre, the more it’s going to cost. Set a budget in advance and decide how important it is to you to be on the doorstep of all the attractions. It’s also worth being wary of booking into the more affordable business hotels that describe themselves as “just outside the city centre” because sometimes they can be up to an hour away. Make sure you view the locations of hotels you are considering on a map to understand exactly where they are in relation to the attractions you want to see.(Image by Kaplan International)

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Live events

Many of the best events in the country take place in London. Whether it’s sports, music or something else you’re interested in, if your dates are flexible, it might be worth combining your stay with an event that you would really like to attend. This is particularly worthwhile if you don’t live in or close to another big city able to attract lots of artists in to perform, as you may not have the opportunity to enjoy a concert or sporting event very often. There are a number of huge events of national and cultural significance that take place in London such as Trooping the Colour and the Lord Mayor’s Show as well as sporting spectacles such as the London Marathon and the University Boat Race. Space in the city is a premium during these times so it’s best to book accommodation early and get to a prime spot before the crowds.


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