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A Travellers Guide In Back Packing Your Way To Cambodia

A Travellers Guide In Back Packing Your Way To Cambodia

Oct 3, 2014

As we all know, Cambodia is one of the cheapest places to travel, most especially when you’re on a tight budget, but then again you gave to be very tricky and smart in terms of backpacking your way through this beautiful destination. Be prepared to get lost and try out their delicacies, you’ll be surprised with what you’ll eat. Be brave enough to go through wild terrains and muddy mountains, only then will you be able to appreciate the beauty of this land. Listed below are a few tips in backpacking your way through Cambodia.

Stay in Hostels

Staying in hostels or backpackers lounge is the best way to save and get your money’s worth, not to mention they’d have rooms for as low as $7/ night, yes it’s really cheap and clean too. You’d get to have your own bathroom and a fan with comfy mattresses and clean towels. Garden Village Guest House is one of the best places to stay; they have a light clean ambiance that gives you a good night sleep to prep you up for the next day. (image by : Grumbler %-|)
Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Stay in Hostels A Travellers Guide In Back Packing Your Way To Cambodia
Visit the Architectural Landscapes

Cambodia is one of the best places to travel if you’re in for an architectural landscape tour, and yes they do have the best temples (so far) with amazing background stories and guides come in very cheap too. It’s best if you go with other groups, that way you’d get to split the Guide Fee amongst other tourists.  Or you can wander alone without a guide if you like, just bring a map with you (tried going around without a map, it took me more than an hour to find my way back.

Check out the beach

What’s an adventure in Cambodia without a dash of sunshine and sandy beaches? Yes you got me, needless to say, Cambodia is filled with beautiful hidden beaches in which you can just hang a hammock and feel safe, though a bit far from the city, the best beaches are about an hour or an hour and a half drive still they’d give you the peace that your soul longs for, not to mention they’re beaches are really safe and clean too. (image by : Nomadic Samuel )
Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Check out the beach A Travellers Guide In Back Packing Your Way To Cambodia

Try their delicacies

Traveling and eating comes hand in hand. And yes, one must try out new dishes while traveling and Cambodia is one on the places I’ve been to that’s ideal for backpackers in terms of traveling on a tight budget. They’re food is really cheap and they have barbecues that are about $1 / pc too. But then again, you’d have to choose the food cart you’re getting your meal from because to be honest, some isn’t that clean, but then again there are stalls that are squeaky clean and safe to eat. And oh, before I’d forget, try out their deep fried tarantulas and scorpions too. It wasn’t that bad, taste like chicken as far as I remembered.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the latest promo fare and book your flights! Visit Cambodia and see the beauty of the place the way I did. Rest assured you’ll fall in love with the place the way I did.


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