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Six Martial Arts You Should Learn Before You Die- Healthy Travel Lifestyle’s-Best-Places-to-Go-for-Healthy-Lifestyle-Martial-Arts

When you are talking about self defense it is incomplete without your knowledge of martial arts. Just give it a shot before you die for the sake of inner peace and spiritual development. It really works and is an amazing way to bring health into your travel lifestyle. In this world it is very necessary for both men and women to have some knowledge of it. Just imagine what if you are attacked by some robbers on a dark lane and you don’t know what to do?. Well it can happen to you or some one you know. In such a situation if you know some great martial arts tactics this will really be useful.

Try Before You Die and Do It While On the Road

Were you among those who learnt some basic karate moves while in school?. It is time for a reality check now. There are some deadly moves that you need to learn now. Moreover, what is really interesting here is that these great martial arts can kill a person with bare hands. There are some moves that can really take a couple of years for you to master, but nonetheless these are must try.

1. Sambo

This is one of the famous martial arts style that has its origin in Russia. Since Russia was attacked by many invaders over the time, Russians managed to learn some killer moves. There are almost three different types of which one aims at attacking and causing serious injury to the attacker. If you didn’t know, this martial art form is a famous one in military training. If you need to master the skill through repeated practice and also apply it wisely in case of its need.

2. Pencak Silat

This is a famous collection of Indonesian martial arts. You must remember that while learning you must pick up the right form. This type discipline is quite similar to the Muay Thai but with the inclusion of gun and knife. If you are looking for more strikes than grabs this is what you need to learn. In a situation where you are attacked by someone on the street, this is exactly what you need to show him ground.

3. The Commando Krav Maga

This is another grappling type martial art that is based on Judo. This has been designed keeping in mind the current situation where there are more knives and guns involved. Since this is also grappling type martial art you need to practice it thoroughly to perform in a critical situation. If you are a beginner and you have no idea about the great martial arts, this is the one for you. It has really easy techniques.

4. The Krav Maga

This martial art form is not just one form but a combination of many. The whole system of this type of martial art is based on your body’s natural defense. The techniques are then created by the body’s reaction.

5. Judo

The types of martial arts which you really need to learn is always incomplete without mentioning judo. This is the most famous type and even the most preferred one. Judo mainly focuses on moves called locks and chokes on the ground. The technique is made to work on the ground and on throws specifically.

6. Aikido

This is another type that you can learn. If you are looking from something different than causing physical injury, try the Aikido. In this type you learn how to disarm your opponent without actually breaking a bone.

It is a wrong notion that you always learn martial arts for defense, you also need to learn them for developing good health and fitness. It makes the body strong and increase self confidence.

Photo credit: Tom Gill.